Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My trip to KL

Mom packed lots of things on previous weekend. And told me we are heading to KL, to Rossi's pawty and to meet new friends there! Wow... this gonna be fun and mom and I were discussing bout it all the time before we heading there. Mom listed out the things to be packed, but when i checked her list, she didn't list me in it, so... will she forget to bring me also? So, to avoid her from forgetting me, I have to stay with those packed things all the time.

When we reach KL on Saturday, it is already late afternoon. Mom and friends went to have a meetup and lunch before we head to Rossi's place.

When we reach to Rossi's place, I tell you, there's really a heaven.. lots of doggie friends and lots of kind hooman offering food. I met with the birthday boy, Rossi, of course. Then Twinkle, Ben's new brother, then Boo, then Max's mommy, Aunty Ling and alot more. We even met with GG's Eil; BooBoo's mommy, auntie Jenn; and also Jay's mommy, auntie Julie. They went all the way from Singapore to pay us this visit. Everyone is sooo nice offering ur food and playing with us.

But I just don't understand this someone. This someone keep on commanding me to SIT while holding the food in her hand. I did listen to her and I SIT, but this someone would only put the food in her mouth and not for me. I wonder why hooman can be so cruel. I'm looking everywhere for this hooman and I wish so much I could bite her butt off for being so cruel.

The food that the hooman prepare for us, dogs, are great. Rossi's moomy so kind that she prepare big and small bowls for us, big and small dogs. Ermmmmm... but... but.. I'm sorry that I did misbehaved that day that I straight go to a big bowl without realizing my small size. This made mom a bit embarrased with me.

Rossi's cake

The hoomans tried to take group photos of us, but hey, we are uncontrolable. Twinkle is good sitting there. I think Boo is busy searching place to escape.

After the pawty at Rossi's place, mom and I straight head to my godma's birthday pawty. Another pawty!!!!!! This really heaven!!!! You guys remember Aunty Amanda and Uncle Moon? They are Rooney's owner. They love me so much that they want me to be their godson.

See the hooman food there.. But I had nothing from that. Coz mom said I was too fulled after Rossi's pawty.
Godma's cheesecake!!!!
The next day, Sunday. We went to a K9 event. We saw many dogs there. Many DWM mates too. But mom busy chatting and having fun around, so not much photos were taken. We saw, Pacco, Prince, Amber Mae and gang, and many many. I know Amber is there too. But mom couldn't catch catch her up. We missed meeting her.
I was so happy meeting up so many friends.
After the event, the meanine women throw me and Twinkle to the dog boardings and they went shopping!!! How dare they??? After their tiring shopping only they come to rescue us!! Tell you guys what, the place is really like haunted house. Very very scary.
Mom got me a new set of nice clothe and even a hat on the K9 event. How do I look?
Seems like we went to heaven last weekend. See the things we brought back. I've got so many gifts from my friends. Eventhough that is not my birthday. We seems attending a christmas party.
And Eil is so kind. She helped mom to bring over my toys that mom wanted to buy from S'pore. We just couldn't get these toys in M'sia. Thanks sooooooooooo much.
And another toy that I love so much, Barney!!! Mr. Osim bought this for me from Kota Kinabalu when he went for a holiday trip there!!! Thanks so much.
Mom and I had a real tiring weekend in KL. And that I really need a good nice rest. I'm real tired but am real happy... So worth it.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Mom said we should pray before we sleep. Let me see what should I say to GOD!!!
Mom: pls close your eyes, u little one.
Ooopsss... ok.. close my eyes.. and start...
1) Please STOP animal abuse!!!!
2) Please let every hooman out there to appreciate animals.
3) Please let there be more love in this world.
4) Please let all our pals (and of course including me) have more treats!!!
5) and more toys!!!!
6) and more food!!!
7) and more playtime!!!
8) and more belly rubs!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Dog or Mouse?

Any idea is this a mouse or a dog????
A sleeping mouse or a sleeping dog??