Monday, July 30, 2007

Moody Monday

Everyone got sadden with Oscar's news. Yeah, include me too. It is so sudden and it seems happened so fast. Let us all pray and send our deepest condolence over to Oscar's family.
And may Oscar have a nice happy new life in the Rainbow Bridge. We gonna miss you!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The diet doesn't work

Last day of medication..Still a bit of drowsy..
The menu that the vet gave doesn't work. The medicine has complete and my skin has no improvement. Mom called up the vet. Mom recall back the time when she adopt me. That time, mom fed me with Science Plan, and she remember that my skin doesn't flack like now. She changed my kibbles bcoz she heard that holistic kibbles are good for us, doggies. So she told this to the vet. The vet suggest that we should try back Science Plan. The vet said, "Yes that the holistic kibbles are better for furkids, but sometimes different kibbles work for different furkids. Take the Science Plan again for few months and see how is Goofy's skin and coat going on. If it works, that means Goofy is a very good dog since he don't want to burn your pocket with expensive holistic food."
So mom would be going to buy me back the Science Plan. I remember I love this kibbles too. If this doesn't go well too, the vet would have to get me another new menu again and doesn't know what would it be. But for sure it wouldn't be chicken and rice again since I'm not doing well with this. And it makes me go worse. Fur sheds patch by patch. Look at the photo below. This is one part that go worse.
Mom applied on some cream provided by the vet.
Anyway friends out there, thanks for all the well wishes. Have a nice weekend ahead!!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thanks Pals

Hi pals out there... Thanks so much for all those concern words... Yeah.... mom got so worried bout me and she non stop come to me when I'm having my nap, and at night after her work, she would hug me to sleep... She dropped tears last night..., I'm not really in deep sick, I just got droozy with those medicine and the vet too said that, silly mom... Hope everything would be ok later after finishing those pills on this weekend. I did really scratch less now. Hope things really go better. So that my silly mom won't need to drop her tears everytime she hug me on her couch...
I stick to mom when she was watching TV on her couch....
And slept deeply within just a few minutes.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mom got headache with me!!!

Since Monday, I've done 4 accidents. Once on Monday and triples on yesterday. On Monday, I peed on the couch. Yesterday on the kitchen floor, living room and on mom's bed when she is taking her bath!!!! Mom gave me a good scold and whack on my butt on Monday and twice yesterday. I never seen her so angry. Coz she already got tonnes of work and she has to work alone with all these things. But on the most serious one, when I peed on her bed, I dashed to my crate when mom came out from the shower. Mom opened wide up her eyes and mouth! No words from her other than tears. She is not angry with me this time. She is worry. She is worry that might it be anything bothering me, making me doing accidents all over. Or is it the medicine that I'm having making me goes moody? But those are only allergic pills. I've been acting very strange too. I didn't play. I didn't run. The only thing normal is I still jump and beg for mom when she's having her meal. hehehe.... So mom straight away called up the vet. Asking is it the medicine bothering me. And yes, the vet said, the medicine would make me slightly sleepy and tired. Mom had a bit of relieve hearing this, but still she is worry coz she is not use to see me so down. This morning when we woke up, mom straight away put me in the toilet for my pee, like what she does when she toilet trained me. Hoping I would get better today. She took out all my toys. Wear me a sweater as the raining weather is quite cooling. She hopes everything would be much more better today.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Back from the vet again..

Prepared to go back to hometown on last Saturday.
When we reached hometown, grandma told us that Scooby isn't doing well. He seems having difficulty breathing. So Aunt Janei and mom decided to bring him to the vet on Sunday. Mom said I will be going along too, to have the vet to check my skin and fur. All the while my skin and fur is not in good condition. I shed real lot and I scratch alot. Mom thought this is my kibbles problem. So she bought me some nice holistic kibbles expecting me to do well with it. But there's no really any improvement. Since Scooby is going to the vet, we go along to have a check too.
Scooby's condition is due to his body weight! The vet told us that Scooby is a little overweighted, and caused he had this problem. And the vet did told us that Scooby is coming to cough too. He has quite some flam in his troat. So the vet gave him some antibiotic and a cough medicine, in case he really started cough.
As for me. The vet said, I have to go thru a 'monitoring process', to check out what does my coat in this condition. We have to check what I'm allergic to. So it started by, feeding me chicken and rice only, for 5 days!!! Real food, pals!!! That would be more delicious than kibbles right? Along goes with 2 kinds of allergic pills. After 5 days, if my coat goes nice, I would have to start back my kibbles. If the other way happened, after 5 days, my coat still in that condition, that would mean chicken and rice is not going to be my food anymore. We have to check step by step, to see what I'm allergic to. And pals..... The bad news is, my treats have to be stopped for AT LEAST these 5 days!!!!!!!
Anyway, no worries, pals... This is actually a good news for me. Real chicken and rice for 5 days!!! I'll be out of those plain kibbles for 5 days!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!
Mom: This little boy really have lots of problems since I've adopted him. Parvo Virus was the 1st and the most horrible time I had with him. Thanks God, Goofy has gone thru that safely. Then comes his long term lack of vitamin problem. Every now and then, I have to do skin test on his skin. And all the while, his skin and coat is not in good condition. I did have problems with my parents when I adopted him back due to all these problems Goofy is having. But Goofy have his way to win their heart (but not always, b'coz Goofy is quite mischevious in hometown with them :P). Other than all these. This little boy is a real active dog. A real hyper active one. He really makes me happy!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Not in the mood

Sorry mom, I'm not in the mood for photo sections today. Please leave me alone.

Mom, I said leave me alone, please........ I'm tired running around with the new toys the whole day.

Mom.... If you don't want me to get stuck in this and stop breathing, you better off the camera.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Thanx BOO

I've received a big big parcel from Boo on the weekends. Thanks Boo!!!!!!

2 shirts, 3 packets of treats, 4 toys

The doughnut that Boo promised to send me. Boo, this isn't smelly like what you say, It smell nice. Oh I missed my old doughnut. Thanx Boo.

Scooby, Boo send me this, not for you, ok? But at last, he got it from me and hide under the table!!! Naughty Scooby!!!

The "LET'S PLAY" T-shirt..
And the "HIP" one..

Thanks alot Boo!!! I have fun playing with those new toys and mom said the 2 shirts looks nice on me.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


I see that there's a lot of pals tasting durians in this durian season. Mom is not sure whether I could have any before this, but since so many of you had try it, so I think it is not a problem. Their look really spiky and scary... But smells real nice...
Mom, this smell nice. Please.... can I have it?

Ok, mom. As usual, I SIT, I'll have it, ok???

Mmmmmm... yummy yummmy yumm...
Wow... 1st time taste. Nice taste!!!!! Yummy..
Anymore, mom? For those haven't taste this, use whatever way u can think of to beg for this... This is real tasty!!!!



Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I wonder why..

Everyone out there got gals except me. And the latest pair, Rossi and Precious. Especially BOO. Boo, You are too greedy, you took all the gals and left no one for me. I wonder what is my problem? Is it that I'm not handsome enough or what? But mom did tell me almost everyday that I'm the cutest dog she've ever seen!!! Mom... are you lying or I'm still not as handsome as those gals like? But....
Look at me.... I've got the macho look...

and the handsome look too...

But still I don't understand why there's no gal interested with me..

Sometimes thinking of this kind of stuffs really makes me tired and I just fell into my dreams like that..

Can anyone tell me my problem?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bored while mom busy

Mom is in superb busy these few days with her job. She work till late at night and sleep real late in the middle of the night. I wish I could help her out, so that she could play with me. I'm so bored without mom playing with me like normal days.

I'm just trying to get mom's attraction by getting ready for a belly massage. Mom, I know you are busy, but just a little short massage, ok?

Oooppsss... Ok, mom, you caught me smuggle into your room again but, what to do? I'm too bored...

Please, please, pleeeeeeeease, mom.... Just get a little time for me... I'm begging you, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease..

Yeah.... You can see thru my eyes, I'm getting tired begging, I wanna sleep now..

Thanks for the blanket mom, I'll wait for you to finish your work, ok? Wake me up for a belly massage when you've done with your work, ok?

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