Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mom taking over

Tagged by Balboa and family, to let mom take over a post over here telling pals about my hooman family.

Ok, Lily here...Goofy is my 1st doggie in my life. Although my family had Scooby before Goofy. I had much arguement with my family when I got Goofy back. My parents were doubting that I couldn't take good care of Goofy since I stay by myself in another state for our family business. But it doesn't take long time for them to accept it.
Facts bout me
# Am a happy person.
# I stay by myself with Goofy in another state from my hometown because of my family business.
# Our family are running telecommunication businesses. Which means selling mobile phones, phone cards, mobile accessories. I'm running one of the 4 branches.

Things I love
# Laugh!!!!
# Coffee!!! A nice cup of coffee would lighten up my day!!
# Cooking.. I love to cook so much.... Love to try out new recipes every now and then.
# Surfing on the web.. Surf bout dogs most of the time.
# Playing with Goofy...
# Having Goofy on my lap on my couch watching TV...
# Window shopping...
# Having a nice sip of chinese tea.
# Getting more and more toys and clothes for Goofy.

Things I hate
# People teasing me for spoiling Goofy...
# Devils abusing or hurting animals or even to human...
# People giving empty promises...

Ok now... we wanna tag the following families..... Billy, Boo, Girl Girl, Rossi, Ben Ben

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Meme Me

I see most of pals out there is playing this Meme game. Seems fun telling pals more bout us right? Ok ok, here is mine.

1) Your age? 1 year ++
2) Your age when came to live with your people? 8 months
4) What color is the collar you’re wearing right now? Now? Not wearing any now.
5) Who is your favorite person other than the people you live with? Anyone. I'm the friendliest doggie.
6) How much do you weigh? 4.2kg
7) Most expensive thing you’ve ever chewed up? My bed
8) Do you like other Dogs? Haven't really meet one except Scooby.
9) Who is your best non-human friend? Scooby and everyone in my furry list!!!
10) Squeaky Toys or Tennis Balls? Sqeuaky Toys.. Never had a tennis ball.
11) Do you like to be brushed? NOOOOOOOO
12) Peanut Butter or Cheese? Both
13) Do your people cut your toenails? Yes. And mom made me bleed last night!!
14) Any formal education? Do I have to?
15) Couch potato or Energizer Bunny? Energizer Potato
16) Five nicknames your people call you. Goofy and Zai (Son in chinese)
17) What is your best trick? Sit and Play dead
18) Do you like kitties? Never came to any.
19) What did you have for breakfast? Eggs & Kibbles
20) Can you hunt (aka have you ever killed anything living)? Insects
21) When & why was the last time you went to the V.E.T.? May. For my skin problem.
22) Where do you sleep at night? My den, but prefer to be with mom, if she allows.
23) Do you like to swim? Never tried before.
24) Can you make puppies? Make? How? I don't think so.
25) Your favorite place to visit? Anywhere out of the house.
26) Do you give kisses? Always!!!!!
27) Can you potty on command? OF COURSE noooo..

Friday, June 22, 2007

New Toys

I've received a parcel again!!! Thanks to Ben Ben.
See this? He got me a Bad Cuz, a JerHigh Chicken Gravy and a packet of nice tasty cookies.

Oh..This really taste nice.

At the very same time, mom got me two new toys. A Dino Cuz and a Holee Bowler. YES!!! That means I got 2 Cuz'es...YES YES YES!!!

Hey, pals, this is fun, the two Cuz'es bounce real high and they SQUEEKE!!!!! As for the Holee Bowler, it is so elastice too!!! You can chew your heart out and it bounce too!!!

How many of you had your own 'den'? Mom learnt that dogs actually are den animals. She even got to know that we should have our own safe den. So mom took out my big big crate, put in my bed and make it my 'den'. Mom scares that I might not accept it, coz I've never been crate. She tried to think of ways to lure me in. To mom surprises, I love my 'den' so much. I go in and slept in it. I pull my toys into it. Mom has to forget bout her tricks she has thaught of to lure me in.
So... What you think bout my new 'den'? My own 'den'!!! Oh, I felt so so safe in it and I love it!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nice Photos

We found some nice doggie photos and would love to post them up here for every pals sharing. Isn't they cute? Isn't they really cute?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My favourite Toys

I remember I'd post here before and telling you pals that I love these two plush toys real much. I love the softness of it and the sound of course!!! I love running around with it in my mouth squecking non stop.
Look what I've done with one of them, the doughnut. Now mom is having problem getting back the same thing or something like this for me. Mom search all over the web and petshops to get those plush toys with squecky for me. Mom asked friends in bigger towns to get these for me. But still they couldn't get it. In the web, we saw many, but they don't do international delivery. *Sigh....

Here, one of the video mom caught last night I playing with the green apple, and the green apple is going to get old and 'rotten' also. Oh no.... Mom, please do search more deeper into any where to get new plushy for me...

Mom: Am actually worrying about the green apple.. If he still go rough with that poor little greeny, he'll end up no more plushy toys...

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Monday, June 11, 2007


After wishing Simba to recover soon, my turn again..Oh no.. What happened to us? It was just like any other weekend. Mom and I returned to hometown. Normal like playing and chasing like crazy with Scooby.
I should mark this up!! I've been here. This is my place!!

Hey Scooby, I came here earlier than you, you chouldn't be here. Ok, you can have this BUT, share me your food!!!!

Then things changed on Sunday night. I felt uneasy. Sitting right there even everyone is having real nice food. I didn't beg for any and I didn't chase anymore. All in a sudden, I felt something wanna come our from my mouth. I jumped up from mom's lap and felt uneasy, and I seems choked, and then, something came out of my mouth. Something yellowish. Some liquid. All the hooman family members started to get panic. Mom got so panic and kept on patting my back. I'm real scared at this time. I've made a mess, I might have a whack on by butt, but no, mom didn't whack and she's seems busy cleaning up. After around half and hour of resting again on the floor, I vomitted again. A little puddle of light greenish liquid this time. Mom was so panic again. I, too got panicked, and sneak to another corner where Uncle Ken is sitting, and out AGAIN a real big puddle of things came out form my mouth. Uncle Ken yelled to mom. This is the biggest puddle. Mom got so scared and so do I. I sneaked to the kitchen and POOPED in the kitchen. Uncle WeiMin yelled for mom. I've again made up a big big huge mess. This time mom must have been going to give me a real nice whack on my butt butt. But it was real unusual. Mom didn't whacked me, she hold me so deep in her hug and keep on asking, "Are you OK, dear?" Mom then held me to Auntie Elsa, asking her to keep an eye on me while mom clean up all the mess. Every hooman in this house now started to discussed what is happening on me. Scooby make himself busy following mom wherever mom is cleaning. He seems wanted to help but no way, Scooby, what you can do with that mop??? Auntie Elsa told mom that I'm shivering. She quickly got me a shirt and put me on. After mom has done with all those mess, mom came to me and hold me. Mom keep on soothing my back and my chest. Then mom got me the vomit pill. Everything started to cool down and mom is watching TV with me sleeping on her lap. I knew she is in real deep worry bout me.

This morning, when we come back up to Cameron Highlands, I was all in moody mood. Mom gave me my breakfast and I finished it up. After that, I fell asleep. I slept the whole day. Up for my pee and poo and returned to bed and again into my dreams. She was busy with her business out there, but still she came in and checked me from time to time. Everytime she came in, she would wake me up and I'll just open my eyes for 3 to 4 seconds, and off to my dreams again. Mom is in deep worried. She called up the vet. Guess what the vet said? "Oh, don't worry, Goofy is ok. It is normal for a doggie to vomit from time to time, say, once a month or two. They might vomit due to lots of their fur INSIDE their stomach. They got fur in their stomach through their habit of biting on itchiness or licking their body. This is real normal. As long as he didn't vomitted a lot and he lost his appetite. Goofy got moody is all because the vomit pill you gave him last night. This would only last one day, and he'll be ok. Don't worry. He is ok!"
Oh..Mom got a real big relieve after hearing what the vet has said. After mom has finish her job. Mom gave me my dinner, and again I ate all up and now I'm resting on mom's lap to post all these for you pals.
As for the rashes I got last week. They have all gone. I'm on the MultiVit now and I'm ok now!!! Thanks for all the nice concern and wishes you pals have sent.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Simba isn't feeling well

Our friend Simba isn't feeling very well, please go over to wish him get well soon while anyone out there could help me making this 'Get Well Chicken Soup' for him? All we need for this soup is some prayers and wishes and hugs and love and licks!!!!!! Please throw in the ingredients while you passes by ok?

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Celebrity Tag

Just got a celebrity tag by Sasha. Sasha, is this what you want? Macho enough?
OK, done. But who should I tag? mmmm... Let it goes to
About my red spots on my body: I have to inform pals here that, it is fading. Mom didn't bring me to the vet as we still have the medicine kept with us and the vet isn't near us. She called up the vet and ask about the medicine. The vet told mom to give me one egg in the morning and one in the night, to help me get more protein. The vet told mom that this isn't a normal thing and it would come to serious. So Mom have to check me on time to time. The vet told us to get the Multivit for me. There is something lacked in my blood. Some kind of vitamin and mineral. But due to lots of hugs and kisses and concern and prays from pals all over the world, I could recover much more faster!!! Thanksssssssssssssssssssssss so much!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

It Is Back!!!

Look at the two photos....It is back!!!!!!!! My problem is back again!!!! For new pals who don't know what my problem is, please feel free to go to my blog archive and check it out. Under April with the title "Very Itchy" and also "After Visiting the vet"...Mom discover this just now when we are sitting and playing on the couch. Mom quickly gave me half a pill, and boiled me an egg. It is quite late to call the vet now, so we have to call the vet tomorrow morning. I know mom is in deep worried now as just now I saw her nearly dropped her tears. This problem actually doesn't bother me much, but it actually very eye sore for mom to see those red spots all over my tummy. And that we have to be extra careful again that I won't get hurt by this moment.
Mom: I'm really in such a big headache seeing this. I spotted two patches on his tummy near his private part. I really hope that is the only patches...Touch wood that this is the only two patches..Don't get anymore than that....Actually the vet did said this is not a life threatening problem. Just have to be very careful not to get hurt and take more protein sources. But don't you daddys and mommys out there agree with me that seeing your kid with this thing over his tummy is much more eye soreing and worry than having it myself. I rather take this on me. Oh..please pray for this little one of mine to get those things off as soon as possible.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Pressie from Billy Boo!!

I've received a mail with my name as the receipient. Oh, this is my 1st mail. I've always envy for so many friends out there receive so many pressie, now this is my turn!!!

This is from Billy Boo.. Thanks Billy!!! This is the very 1st time I receive MY mail. Somemore it is all the way from Canada.

I wonder what is it inside. Mom, please open this up for me, quick. Or else, I gonna tear it up myself!!!
A book!! A book full of dogs' nice quotes.. Mom love this sooooo much too... Hmmm... I'm trying to understand this..Mom, I need you to read this for me, please.. Thanks Billy so much for this!