Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I've got tagged again and again for the same old thing, PAW FACTS.... I'm actually proud of this bcoz this shows I got lots of friends... deal with this, I gonna list out a long long list facts bout me..1st 8 facts are facts I've pointed out previously...
1) I love to lick.
2) I hate cameras.
3) I give up easily.
4) I never bark at strangers.
5) I hate baths, I hate nail clippings, but I love ear cleaning.
6) I love to sleep in mom's bed.
7) I can't go off leash.
8) I'm a happy dog
9) I drink water pretty fast, and I got choked all the time.
10) I love to sit on mom's lap..If mom is not around, other's lap will do..
11) I'll go to anyone who petted my head.
12) I love to sleep with my four legs up high.
13) I'll run to plastic bags sound.
14) I love to drink milk.
15) I love to stuck my head into mom's arm when we are resting on the couch.
16) I tends to give innocent look everytime I did something wrong.
17) I rather sleep on rugs in front of the bathroom, if mom took away my blanket (towel) from my bed.
18) I'm not afraid of thunder (where I know most doggie pals would hide)
19) I'm not afraid of firecrackers.
20) I never fight.
21) I hate cucumber. The only food I reject.
22) I'm getting fatter and fatter.
23) I love to run like crazy in a very sudden. Throwing myself up together with the squeeking toys on the couch!! You can't imagine it... (Mom: I'll try to snap his video and post here)
24) I love to steal food. Mom said I'm bad in this. But who won't do it when the food is right in front of u? Tell u what, only Scooby won't. He would only bark at the food and ask hooman to get for him. (The only thing he is good at)
25) I've stolen chillies before. I sneeze non stop for this. And mom got scolded by grandpa blaming mom for putting the chillies near. Sorry mom..
26) I love plush toys with squeeky sound the most.
27) I always trapped Scooby to chase me and later make him got scolded!
28) I love to eat insects. The more they run or fly, the more I'm interested.
29) I always hump my bed before I got neutered.
30) I got 24 shirts, 9 toys including 1 nylon bone, 7 kinds of treats, 1 big comfy bed, 1 towel as blanket, 1 water bowl, 1 meal bowl, 1 travel bag, 8 grooming essentials (although I'm short coat), 2 large drawers for my stuffs, 1 kind of kibbles, 1 kind of milk, 1 kind of coat supplement, 1 bigger than enough crate that I don't use anymore (unless I need to be left to my uncle's house if mom have to be out station, which only happen once in a bluemoon) and last I got my own 1st Aid Kid.This is how I love to sleep always......

Monday, May 28, 2007

Tagged again?

I've got tagged by few pals at the same time. First, tagged by Ronin and Marvin for 7 or 8 paw facts. Then tagged by Snowy and Crystal to show silly photos AGAIN!!! OK...I'll do these all together in one post. Please don't laugh so much bout the photos and the facts. I'm just telling the truth, and THAT IS ME, OK????? Oh no...Girls would be running away from me from now on... Oh no mom.........
Look what have mom done to my ears? Silly enough???

Yoga again??? But this is what I love to do all the time!
Wink wink... This is actually a coincidence photo capturing, I don't think mom would be able to capture this kind of wink wink photo anymore... Bcoz I actually don't know how to wink!!! Hahahaha
Done for silly photos, how about a silly video? I'm crazy running up and down for nothing!!! I just love to run and bounce like that.

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Done for silly stuffs now...Now for the 2nd tag : 8 PAW FACTS
1 --> I love to lick!!! No matter who tried to touch me, I'll welcome them with wet wet licks. I'm actually greeting them with KISSES, don't you all out there think so?
2 --> I hate cameras!! I'm actually scared of them. I only accept mom's camera phone because I knew that is no harm. For others who tried to point the camera to me, I'll run like crazy!!!
3 --> I actually give up easily. I challenge no one. If anyone tried to get my toys, I'll give. If anyone tried to fight, I only run, I won't fight back. If anyone tried to get my food, I'll give, bcoz I know they'll give me back. This leads to no tug war game in my dictionary. But mom scares if one day, mom bring me to any dog event, would I go too timid, or would I suddenly go challenge bigger dogs?
4) --> I never bark at strangers. I bark no one, EXCEPT dogs bigger than my size!!!!
5) --> I hate baths!!! I hate nail clipping!! But I love ear cleaning!!!
6) --> I love to sleep in mom's bed.
7) --> I can't go off leash!! Mom have to run her shoes off for me!!!
8) --> Basically, I'm a very happy dog. I never showed angriness before. I've never even grrrr before. I've never bark for food before. (bcoz I choose to steal...hahahahaha)

My turn again now...Wanna tag the following for 8 PAWFACTS!!!
1) Amber-Mae ~ The Dancing Queen
2) Nanook ~ The Newfoundland
3) Isabella ~ The Special Standard Poodle
4) Butchy and Snickers ~ The Fashionable WFT
5) T-Man ~ The Precious Poodle
6) Simon, Scarlett & Shelly ~ The Fleas Gang

OK...DONE!!! Anymore tag??????

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Mom and I haven't had any plan for this weekend. At first we thought we could make it to the Malaysia Dog Olympic Day on this weekend. But Uncle Ken's car is having some problem, so we have to cancel this. Oh no...This isn't fun.. But mom said mom most probably would bring me for a hiking this weekend in mom's hometown. Hope so!!! So that I could run my heart out!!! Wow, This sounds fun then.

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Would like to wish every doggie pals who dropped by, have a nice weekend, should it be exciting, or relaxing, or whatever... Just have it wonderful!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

New Mother and Son shirt set

Look what my mom got from the webstore today. A set of hooman and doggie shirt!!!! She called this mother and son shirt set!!! Mom, would anyone laugh at us if we wear it out together??? Mom actually wanted to wear this to the Dog Olympic Day this Sunday. But we couldn't make it. Uncle Ken's car is having some problem, so our outing would be cancel!! Oh no...This is a great chance for me to go out to meet many doggie friends. And somemore, a secret to tell, I've never been socialized with other doggies before, except with the naughty fellow, Scooby, in mommy's hometown. This is actually a very very nice chance, but what to do...we've got no transport.
Do you all think this is nice? Isn't this funny?

Guess where am I?

And yes, I'm taking my bath. Mom, do you think this is right? Everyone is looking at me..This wet wet look isn't ok, mom... This isn't funny..Please get me done quick...

Ok..Done...A nice nice treat after for being so good during bath time..

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I just love to run and turn like this on mom's bed..Mom said I'm acting stupid...I don't think so..This is nice actually...FUN!!!!!

And yes, I got fully exhausted running crazy like that...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My turn to tag someone!!!

Okie..It is now my turn to tag someone...Names below got tagged!!!! Please show us your silliest photo!!!!

1) Sasha ~ The Elegant Princess
2) Pacco ~ The Natural Horizontal Leaper
3) Balboa ~ The Handsome French Bulldog
4) Bella ~ The Cutie Pie
Got ya!!! you are all tagged....

I've been tagged!!!!

I've been tagged by Billy to show everyone my silliest photo!!! And see what mom got from me...Please don't laugh so loud ok? Actually tagging one another is quite a fun thing. You can see so much of those lovely and funny photos and so much of those funny moment. Mom always said, having me is the happiest moment in her life. Mom would give me everything I want (if I could speak)..Mom always said, "You won't get betrayed by a doggie, doggie won't lie about love, they shows TRUE LOVE"..Mom love to love to be love everyone beside her to be happy...And mom, do you know, I love you to be happy too!!! Because when mom gets happy, I got my treat!! Hahahahaha!!!! Mom wondered how many of you could make your mom or dad just tick a little smile on their face when they see you sleeping? I could. I knew that mom always peep at me when I'm sleeping. She always said, "Goofy, you are just too cute, I see happiness in you"
I'm actually trying yoga like what Girl Girl did when she got tagged!!!

I wonder what mom is up to.... She's started to get busy with her camera phone aiming at me most of the time to catch any silly photo. Mom, so you know I'm too cute to be silly?

Oooppsss..Caught playing with my dummy elephant. I just love to fling him up and down and shake him like no way!!!!
Ok...done, mom..everything should end. Please stop switch off the camera. I hate being pointed by cameras, ok?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nothing Better To Do..

Mom caught me sneaking into her bed AGAIN after she has done with her chores. Mom, you should know I love your bed more...Ok ok, mom..You've got me, but can you please switch off the light? I need to sleep...Ok, I'm up, only one photo more ok? Even teddy is sleepy, mom...
Mom, don't you realize it's late and I'm tired?

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Mom tried to video me up acting innocent look that she can't stand it everytime.

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Another video taping me falling asleep..See how much my mom did for nothing..She really got nothing better to do!
And at last, I slept so soundly

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wonderful dinner

As promised, mom prepared a wonderful dinner for me. YES!!!! The most wonderful meal I've ever taste. I got my tummy blown up finishing this meal!!! Mom, I love you!!!!!!

The ingrediants for the meal :
1) milk
2) scrambled egg
3) macaroni
4) fine chopped carrot
5) minced chicken breast

Boiling carrot, chicken and macaroni...

All cooked...Mom spread all on a large dish to cool it before serving it to me, of course...

Done... Add in the milk and into my bowl please...Mom...I just can't wait to taste it...Drooling drooling...

I ran to the bowl once mom said, OK! Come and have this, Goofy...

Close up...Yummy yummy...I don't care what is happening around...I just know this is DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

Mmmmmmm...... anyone of you drooling there too??? Ohh...I just can't stop it...

Clear up in less than 5 minutes!!!
(Goofy took a big breath, and then licked the little bit of carrot left there in less then 20 seconds, and now he is sleeping so tightly with his big round little belly...)

Mom was sick

Mom got sick for nearly 1 whole week. She started to get a bit of soar throat on last Tuesday and fever started in the night. Flu and cough came to attack and mom got really sick. Her fever never run down for 4 days!!! Now, today, mom started to get better, just a bit of flu and cough remaining.
Mom is so sick but she still brought me to the vet for my skin checkup on Sunday. The vet gave us medicated shampoo this time. Mom bath me once after returning home. Haven't see any recovery but hope will do later more.
Mom keep telling everyone that I've been a very very good boy during her sick days. Normally I would love to attack mom with my toys to make mom play with me. But during her sick days, I just sat by her side and let her do her normal petting on my head and some belly rub. I didn't make any accident and I let mom do her things easy by not disturbing her.
What would your mommy or daddy do if they wanna do house chores? Would they lock you up in crate or what? Mom would put me high up on a chair so that I won't jump off and disturb her sweeping and mopping the floor. (Bcoz I love chasing mops!!!) Mom got sick till she forgotten to put me up on the chair last night when she wanna mop the floor. But guess what, I was being so good, that I jump up the couch once I saw mom bringing out the wet mop. And that I let her do everything and wait till the floor dry up, then only I jump down. Mom got so surprise for I'm being such a good boy yesterday. And mom decided to make me a good dinner tonight!!! Wow...I just can't wait...
Mom dropped her tears seeing that I more and more on 'reading her mind', she said. She said that I'm being very thoughtful and that I'm really a grown up!! Hehehehe

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I WANT IT!!!!!!

Mom found this Pampered Puppy from Pearly and see that there's a lot of things for me!!!!!!!!! I begged mom to buy and mom wanted to get for me too, BUT, they don't deliver internationally!!!! Whyyyyyyyyyy???????? But anyway, try to surf it, many nice things there!! Just wanted shared it with you pals here... A lot of plush toys that I love sooooooo much...

How I wish I could be like this pug...full of soft plush toys!!!

Boring weekend

We went back to hometown as usual on last weekend. And it had been a really bored weekend. It is really tooooooo hot outside and mom said she rather stay indoor than go out and burn her skin. We went to the vet on Saturday. The lack of vitamin K problem has gone, but the vet said, we have to be careful and alert that this thing might come back. He taught mom to check on me time by time. Mom have to use either a spoon or a coin, put on some baby oil on it, then scratch my tummy, if the place scratched got red like what I had last week, then the thing is back. The vet said I have to consume more protein all the time.

Another thing is that my skin and fur is not in very good condition. Some part of my skin got flaking and scaling. Fur came out patch by patch. The vet gave us a cream to be applied twice a day and he suggested us to have a supplement for skin.

Tadaaa!!!! This is the supplement I have to consume at least for 2 months. One tablet each day. The vet told mom that this thing is tasty to us, dogs. And that mom don't need to force me to take it. Tell you what, this is tasteless!! Mom put it in front of me, I sniff it and check on it, once I put it in my mouth, yukkkkksssssss....I hate it and I throw it out immediately. Mom crunched it and mix it in a piece of bread for me. This is better than. This is what indicated on the description booklet.

The natural components of DERMO NORM help to maintain a normal dermal function in cases of dermatosis and excessive loss of hair.
Zinc is an essential element for the biosynthesis of fatty acids, metabolism of Vitamin A and inflammatory processes and plays an important role in maintaining a healthy immune system. It acts in synergy with linoleic acid for the epidermis renewal. In addition to the action of Vitamin E, with excellent antioxidant properties and immunostimulant, reduces the incidence of skin infections.
Essential fatty acids w3 and w6, act at dermal level reducing the inflammatory processes of different ethiology by inhibiting the transformation of arachidonic acid into leukotrienes and prostaglandins, responsible for the inflammation and pruritus in dermatosis.
Biotin is a vitamin with an essential role in the formatikon of skin and hair.

Dogs and Cats. DERMO NORM is indicated for:
-The correction of skin disorders, flaking and scaling skin, excessive loss of hair and dull coat caused by a nutritional deficiency.
-Palliate the symptoms of pruritus in allergic dermathopathy in dogs and cats.
-Improvement of the aspect and quality of the coat.
-Reduction of seborrhea and loss of hair.

Administer directly to the animal or crumble and mix with the food for easier administration. It is recommended to use for a period of up to 2 months.
Dogs and Cats: 1-2 tablets/10kg b.w./day.

Have not been described.

Due to its composition of natural and recognized as safe ingrediants there is no risk of intoxication due to overdose.

Each tablet contains: Essential fatty acids: linolenic, linoleic, arachidonic, eicosapentanoic (w3:w6=1)110 mg, Flovored Excipient q.s. 500mg.
Analytical Composition: Crude ashes 16.5%, Crude Proteins 13%, essential fatty acids w3 and w6 7.2%, Humidity 7%, Total sugars (as saccharose)5%, Calcium 4%, Methionine 2.7%, Crude Fats 2.4%, Phosphorus 2.1%, Crude Cellulose 1.5%, Sodium 1%.

That's it and I hate taking it. I'll take it if I don't realize it in my food. I'll throw it if mom put it in front of me again!!!! I'm so bored on Sunday. Nothing to do. Even Scooby is so bored and lazy to chase me.

Mom..Any idea what to do? So so so so bored....

Found a cushion. Better take a nap.

Mom...better stop pointing the camera phone at me again. I'm really trying to sleep.

Too hot, better sleep on the floor without the cushion...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (Oopppssss, I look too fat in this photo)

Friday, May 4, 2007

I'm recovering

Hi everyone..Goofy's mommy here..I could say Goofy is on his recovering stage now. He seems getting better by showing all the following...
1)His poo is not so watery anymore... a bit to solid...
2) He started to play with his toys...
3)He started to ask me to play...
4) His appetite seems getting better than normal...
5)He overturned his toy basket and hide his favourite toys that he never tried before...

Hi every furry pals here..I think mom started to get mad that I nearly overturned the living room looking for my toys that I've forgotten I've hide them myself!

Mom clean me up, clean my ears, wiped my tear stains, put me on with baby powder, changed my shirt and started to take my photo for the blog.

I took two of my favourite toys to my bed and get ready to sleep. These two toys are the ones that I love to bite in my mouth and squeek them all the way running from living room to the kitchen and return to the living room and to the kitchen everyday as my daily exercise!!!

I started to get tired and wanted to sleep...zzzzz

Mom started to do my laundry and chores and get everything done in the kitchen...

See what I've done? I've overturned my toy basket and throw my toys all over the living room. Actually I'm looking for my two favourite toys!!!! Mom!!! Did you took them? found one of my rubber squeeky toy under the couch..No, mom, I don't want this. I want the other two!!!!
Hahahahahaha!!!! Mom found them under my bed!!! Yeah mom..I've forgotten that I was the one who hide them there.. Thanx mom...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

REMINDER and update

Same like what Billy does..I would like to remind all furry pals to pleeeeeeeeeeeeaase remember to sign my guestbook at the right hand side of my blog together with your birthdate/ adoption date and your address. And another one at the top of the page with your pretty/ handsome little photo. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaase... Thanks in advance for your kind hearted!!!!!

So another thing to update here, mom said she sees that my tummy is still a bit bloated. And I did have very soft poo too. But not as serious as watery diarrhea. So mom would most probably bringing me to the vet on Saturday in case I couldn't get better by tonight or tomorrow. For the time being, I'm still ok. Mom said she suspect that the weather that make me unease. The weather here for these few whiles got so weird. Mom got sick last 2 weeks. She got fever, cough and flu for 2 weeks long!!!! Pity my mommy...Now she's getting better, and now it was my turn. I just felt unease and I myself hope I'll get better so that I do have the mood to play around with mommy. Yesterday I started a bit of diarrhea and tell you all what, mom too a bit of diarrhea. We guess might be the water we consumed that make us like this. Mom got extemely careful these few days for her and my food and drinks. We hope the weather will be going better so that we could be normal again.

Mom said she wants to thank alllllllllllllllllllll doggie pals that have shown lots and lots of love and concern about my rashes and then my moody sick. She said she (and of course me too), were very happy to know all of you here. I am the 1st doggie for mommy. Mommy is a very very unexperienced into doggie's topic. So this make her got very very nervous whenever I got a little bit of unusual. Mommy and I wanna send out a million thanks to all doggie pals and mommys and daddys here and we love you all!!!!!

Stomach Discomfort

My mommy have something to ask here and hope someone experienced could help...
I wonder what happened to Goofy these whiles.. One coming another disturbing the poor little one.. I 'm really in deep worry bout him. After his last medication on his rashes today, I see that he is quite moody today compare to his normal days. He didn't play the whole day. So I started to throw his toys to make him chase and play. He chased twice and stop looking at me. After my work, I tried to play throw and fetch with him again and again I see him not interested to play. Other than playing and active like normal, he still has appetite to eat, and this make me a bit relief. And one more thing is that, he drinks more water than usual. And I see that his tummy is a bit bloated. Is this showing stomach discomfort? Just now when we were watching TV, he suddenly stood up and run to the toilet. So I followed him. He had very very watery poo, and to decribe more details but disgusting (sorry), he some sort of having some 'blurp blurp' sound let off before his poo poo came out..
Another thing, when I take off his shirt and wanna change another for him, I saw 2 patches of his fur sticks together. I don't know how to describe it. I wanna take photo to show here but it is really not clear. I'm not sure whether is it called mucus. Some of the fur sticks together in quite hard condition and it is a bit reddish on the skin of that patch of fur.
Oh no...I really don 't know how. If this is a normal stomach discomfort, how could I help him before again I need to bring him to the vet (which I really don't prefer). It is not that I don't trust vet. It is just that I really don't want him to face so much of medication.
Could any doggie mommy or daddy know what should I do and pour me some advice?
Thanks in advance and I love you all!!!!!!