Thursday, November 27, 2008

~days are getting cold~

Days are getting more cold from day to day... rainy days....
I got not much things could do, but just snug myself into mom's warm warm blanket..
She would sometimes have to search quite for some time for me.. bcoz I would always snugged myself under the blanket and ignoring mom's calls.. sorry mom.. it is just too warm inside..
We are actually getting ready for the cards for the Christmas Card Exchange!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sad Day

Today is a real sad day.. Girl Girl head over to the Rainbow Bridge.
She is just a cutie blogger.
Girl Girl.. you'll be forever in our heart! Run free!

Another one would be an article in our local newspaper.
Please read it in Rossi's blog at the link below..
sad sad...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Doggies Visit and a special guest

Last weekend was a real tiring but hApPy weekend.
Boo, the Casanova, and his brother, Dopey, along with Twinkle, my love love, and a little black princess, Darling, came for a visit.
We had a stay over at a rented apartment, since our house is not big enough to stuff in so many people and doggies.

The hoomans had a nice steamboat dinner.
Yummy yummy...

It was a bit cooling that night, that most of us, doggies, would have to have our shirts on.

Boo.. the bossy casanova.. He controlled us all dogs on that 2 days.

Dopey.. the slim handsome buddy!! (with a sleeping beauty behind)

My love love, Twinkle that sleeps quite deep when everyone were still happy yikyaking the night away..

The blackie princess, Darling... She is the little sister of Rossi.
(hmmmm.. I had a weird feeling.. this gal gonna cause some change to my life)

Everyone was gone the next day.. But.... but... except Darling.. Mom said she gonna stay with us for a month or two!!!!! WHAT???? WHY?????

Mom: Am helping Rossi's mommy to take care of Darling until she's settled down with her lots of work and personal matters..

Mom had to put Darling into a playpen uptil she succeed in her potty training.

I told you.. she's gonna give me a change in my life...