Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bandana or..?

Mom got 3 new bandanas from her friend for me.
And as usual, I have to "model" them out. Does this look nice?
Or how bout this?

Or.. a soldier look?








or hey... Pls anyone call the SPCA??

Someone is torturing my nice handsome cute personality!!!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mom's KL trip (without me)

Mom told me she wanted to go KL to meet the some ladies. I started to get moody and sad, because she said, I am not allow to tag along. I doesn't take afternoon nap like usual, I doesn't play like usual. I just sit next to the playpen blocker to stare at mom, while she is working. Mom knew that I'm in bad mood, so she took out two new little buddies for me. And that only I felt much better.. Hehehehe

Yes yes mom.. this toy is fun and fun and fun.. small and fun!! but still... I wish to follow you to KL..

Mom planned to bring me back to scooby with grandmama and grandpapa. This is when I'm in my travel bag waiting to be "sent".
A deep sad look

Mom gone to KL to visit Rossi's mom that has just gave birth to a cute little baby boy. And she met up with Boo and Dopey's mom and oso the BWTH's mom too.

They went to have a nice nice din din in the Tony Roma's. Mom show me the photos and that makes me drooling...

The hot fragrant bread.

The Tony’s Sampler

The Rosemary Chicken

The Prawn Pasta

The next day, mom went to do some shopping. To cover her guilt, she bought me some treats of course, a new T-shirt and a colourful collar.
Hey pals.. How do I look in the new T and collar?
Ooooopsss. last but not least... See the name of the dog shampoo. Does it looks familiar to the BWTH????

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yucky pills

My skin started to have problem AGAIN. Not sure what caused that. Mom didn't change my food, didn't change me shampoo. Mom brought me to the vet and ended up I have take 2 kinds of pills.. yucksssss...

Doesn't mom realise medication makes me dull and not in the mood?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Piggie Doggie

Everyone is worrying about Piggie Doggie after watching my video enjoying shaking it.
See.. he is still in nice condition (from the outa look)

But, but, but.. when mom took off his piggie suit... ermmm.... this is what we've found.

Sigh.... Piggie Doggie is now in our ICU. Mom gonna take care of him till mom got the same colour thread to perform a 'stitch-back' operation on him.
Erm.. mom.. I was actually just checking is there another disguising in the doggie suit....

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gift from GG!!

See what I've got today!!! Girl Girl sent me the pressie of the quiz in her previous post.
Yeah yeah!!!!!
A squeaky stuffie and a pack of treats... yummy..

Look at this cute stuffie. A doggie in a pig costume.. wakakaka..
This is cute!!!
Hmmmm... mom.. when is the photo session going to end? I want to play with this.

Ok.. A nice pose to satisfied the lady.

WOW.... I've got to tell you all pals, this toy is fun!!!!