Monday, April 27, 2009

Not easy

Sorry for the MIA.. mom is very busy these days.. mom promised me last night to blog more for me.. and that she wanna use my blog for this post for her personal use. She got something to voice out in her heart.. but she doesn't know how.. so she thought of this blog and wanna type out whatever she could.. to relieve out.. to voice out.. to feel better...

Mom is busy with her work and of course this is good.. because it means good business for her.. but besides busy with works and jobs..She had a very bad habit which she is lazy and she's a type of "delay" person..she always has "TOMMOROW" in her mind.. and this is why she is busy busy and busy... bcoz she is trying to get this 2 bad habits out of herself, she is trying to clear everything up.. and now she had something deep inside her heart that she doesn't know how to voice out..

Life is not easy.. you've got to care how people felt.. you've got to care how people think of you... you've got to care alot... mom did always tell her friends that worries alot, "don't worry for things that had already happened, because it already happened and there's no UNDO, don't worry things that had not happened, because, no one can predict the future, when it comes, it comes" She is only good in telling and comforting her friends.. but when things come to her, she go panic and don't know what to do.

Mom choose to be single because NOW mom trust us DOGS more than man. Or should I say, mom hasn't found someone that she really have the heart and feel. But guess what people talk bout mom.. "psstt.. she's a lesbian".... "psstt psstt.. she must be going out with someone's husband that makes her so secretive".. "psstttt...pssstt.. nah... she's still couldn't let go that someone"... EXCUSE ME... is this the way human goes? is this the way people have to talk? Mom cares alot last time about this words throwing on her.. but now, she learns to IGNORE them.. What for she has to be upset for things that is not true? Mom learnt to smile when they say this kind of things.. or she learns to laugh too.. But but.. but when this kind of words hurt people that mom cares.. hurt people that is so innocent.. should she still smile and laugh? NO WAY! mom loves people that she cares and love to be happy.. She wouldn't want anyone to hurt them..

Mom doesn't mind at all for how people sees her. But why people tends to step a huge step over her head. She doesn't want to talk about it is because, she doesn't want people to worry for her, or she doesn't want to disturb people, not that she is trying to be secretive.. Mom choose to keep things to herself (or sometimes talking to me). Mom tends to be a very happy-go-lucky person... mom is a very optimistic person indeed.. Abit of thing would make her laugh her lungs out.. Thats why, sometimes she is more a bit ease over her stress..

Mom now starts to feel the tired... mentally and physically... very very tired......