Thursday, April 10, 2008

Godmama and godpapa's visit

Last weekend, godmama and godpapa came for a visit all the way from KL. And see what they got me. A devil costume! What you pals think?
The hoomans then go out to hav their fun time without me. They leave me alone at home. This is so cruel. They then came back with a strawberry bolster. Mom said that is for me.
A cute and comfy strawberry bolster.
After they left, I slept like a pig. As the time they spent here, I played most of the time with them. They made me busy all the time. Playing throw and fetch with me and also stayed till midnight.
Oops mom, that photo shouldn't be posted up, please.. Oh... This is too bad, mom didn't think of the consequence of posting this 'type' of photo. All the gals would run away from me...