Friday, August 29, 2008

Mom's Stuffies

These are all mom's stuffies in her room.. The most is that I love to lay on the big red Patrick or snuggle in between the huge bear's lap!
Mom makes me pose with her stuffies..
mom... but... but... can I.. erm...

Can I pose with my stuffies too?

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Rawhide

New rawhide I've got!!!!
Doesn't it look like those potato chips the hoomans love to consume?
This is not crispy like those the hoomans have. They are hard rawhide.
Cleans dog teeth? Mom really thinks my teeth are really dirty or what?
And it really has the smokey taste and yummy...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mom is back!

Now I knew where mom went last weekend. She dropped me to Uncle Tan and off she goes to KL to meet the other bunch of DWB gang mommies ( Boo&Dopey, BWTH, Rossi, GirlGirl, BooBoo & Jay)

And these were the things she brought home. A huge bunch of toys and treats for me and a little bit of her own things. GG's Eil, BooBoo's mom and Jay's Julie brought over so many things for us.

A big big kisssssssssssssssss to them!!!

Mom went to meet Boo and Dopey and had a night stay over at their house. (No wonder I smelt some paws' smell on mom, Boo, I smelt u)

And look at the food the gang had!!!!!

After mom got home and fetch me back to home. Mom and I slept like a dead pig!
She said she's very tired over the long bus trip.. And I said I never had good night sleeps without mom.

Last but not least, not to forget.. Little Cutie Snoop Snoop passed me an award! A daily blogger award!!!
Hey mom!!! Blog for me more!!!

Thank you so much, you cutie pie!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I wonder...

I felt something......
Mom starting packing her bag again..
Anyone any idea?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Remember I told you pawpals about Puzzle? and about her barkday?
Aunty Min hold a pawty for her and invited me and mom. But we couldn't make it because we live quite far and we don't have transportation to go on that day.
But you wouldn't guess Puzzle and Aunty Min are angels!
We couldn't make it for the pawty, but she sent us the 'doorgift' she prepared for the dogs who were going to her pawty.
I didn't go, but I have the doorgift!!!!

I wonder is there anymore angel out there??

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Should we?

Should we learn this when our pawrents were lazy to walk us, or to play with us?

I think we should!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I've got 3 awards from 2 pawpals, Mango and Twister & Furby at the same time!!!
This is great great excited excited happy happy!!!!

I sees that alot of pawpals had already received these awards.
So, I wish to spread these awards out to anyone who hasn't has these awards!!!
Anyone that hasn't got these awards, please feel free to post these awards out!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Thanks Puzzle!

I received a surprise parcel from Puzzle and Aunty Min!!!
A BIG parcel of treats!!!
Aunty Min went to Haadyai (Thailand) for a trip and got a big doggie shopping! And that is so kind of her to send me this BIG parcel!
This is Puzzle! Bootiful Puzzle!!! Aunty Min hasn't start blogging.. Mom is convincing Aunty Min to start to join our DWB!!!!! Mom told her how warm and nice the DWB community is!
By the way, Puzzle's birthday is coming round the corner!
Let us wish her a great great HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Look at these treats!!!

This is the HOTDOG-BAR! She sent me two bars!!!

Mom cut it into pieces and keep it in the fridge.
This is yummy yummy and yummy!
Thanks for Puzzle and Aunty Min to send over those wonderful treats.
And that adds alot more into my treats drawer!


very thank you