Thursday, October 30, 2008

~cool nights~

Hi, pals!!!!
On my previous post, that is my travel bag.. I stay in it in the car.. And mom always says.. I'm the best travel dog.. :P
Once the journey started, I'll sleep inside the bag through out the journey.. I sometimes even sleep with my four legs up in it.. I love this bag..
The longest journey I've stay in this bag is 4 hours or more.

So.... the nights are quite cooling nowadays.. Mom and I were in the room last night.. Mom was doing her paper jobs on her desk and when she turn back to look at me.. see what she caught in her camera again.. I sneaked into the blankets again!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I've got a few awards pending to "show off"... kakakaka...

The "I love your blog" award from Momo & Pinot, the happy family!

Another "I love your blog" award from Mango the very very very white Maltese.

And "The LadyBug Hug" from my new little cutie friend Coco!!!

And thank you for everyone's concern.. My skin is ok now. My flu and fever has cleared.. Ama healthy and happy dog now.. yeah!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

back from the vet

Thanks for everyone's concern about my skin..
Am back from the vet and having some nice good rest now..
We went to a different vet this time b'coz my vet was closed when we arrived Ipoh.
My skin was actually getting better after mom clean out those pus, but I had a flu and fever before I head down to Ipoh.

The vet found another big spot at my back and cleaned it for me.
He said this happened to me b'cos of allergy and asked mom not to worry.
Mom was quite worried when I dropped my weight. From 5kg to now 4.35kg.

Am very tired coming back from Ipoh. And now wanted to take a nice great nap..

Saturday, October 11, 2008

wish me luck~

Mom squeezed out the pus and applied the antiseptic liquid.
And the spots were better now. But still I have to see the vet because I had a bit of fever.

Am ready to go to the vet.. Wish me luck.. Am not really in a mood.. **moody moody**

Mom: I have to admit it that Goofy is really a good and tough boy. When I squeezed the spots to clean the pus, he stay still for me, uptil I've cleared everything including waiting the antiseptic liquid to dry out. (See how many spots there I have to squeeze and clean and apply the antispetic lotion). He stayed still for me although he is in pain.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Skin Problem again~

My skin started itchy... At first mom found nothing.. So.. she just clean me and put on baby powder as the vet taught.
After 2 days.. It turns to the below photo..

After 2 more days again... ARGHHHHHHHHH...

We've got no vet here in our place. So we have to wait till Saturday to go back to our hometown. We've called the vet and he taught mom not to let me scratch.. But honestly, I didn't scratch now. I wonder why the itchiness stopped after these spots came.
Actually we are expecting to stay back in Cameron Highlands this weekend to meet Jiro and Ayako. They are coming with some other doggie friends. But since I'm having skin problem like this, mom thought I shouldn't go to meet them as mom scared my problem would transfer to other doggies.. So... sorry... Jiro and Ayako.. I wanted to meet you both so much.. But.. sorry.. Please enjoy your holiday here..

Monday, October 6, 2008


It was raining heavily last night and I was shivering.. so cold...
Mom forgotten to put my sweater on.. So I had to sneak into somewhere warm.
I sneak into mom's bed and dig myself into the folded blanket.
ooooooooooo~ warm~
After around half an hour, mom sneak in to check me out..

Another hour again..
I've changed myself to a sandwich