Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm so sorry

Hey friends out there.... It has been ages since I've last posted here... I missed everyone of you.. really everyone... Blame this all to mom's busy days... She's just sooooooooooooooooo busy with her work. She even have very very less time to hug me and kiss me. She kissed and hug me in my sleep as I always fell asleep while waiting her to have her things done. We have to say tonnes of sorry that we didn't drop by to your blogs too... But mom promised me today to start blogging again and start reading all your blogs again... Any important news out there that I have to know?
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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rooney's Trip

Thanks to little Miss Precious for giving me this award... And of course I would like to pass this award on to 3 nice blogs out there. Honestly, I love every blog that I've dropped on. Each of them has unique and different way of showing us their life. So this award goes to Little Cutie Amber, T-man the precious poodle, and also Little Pretty Ume. I had an unforgetable weekend. Aunty Amanda and Uncle Moon brought Rooney to visit me!!!! I welcome his arrival with so much aggresiveness. I bark my head off and when mom tried to hold me near to sniff Rooney's nose, I tried to bite off his nose. This made Rooney started to growl at mom. Oh... the hoomans had a hard time introducing the both of us. We had to be separated to stop the barkings, since they arrived late in the night. The day after, we started to make friend. We don't bark to each other anymore. So, the hoomans tried to let us go together. But guess what, Rooney tried to hump me!!!!! Hey, get off me!!! I was so scared at that time. I grab hold to moms arm.
He just couldn't stop sniffing me and tried to hump me. Hey, look at your size Rooney. I'm going flat if you try to get above me!!
They tried to take photos together, but Rooney and I just can't calm down. I'm scared and wanted to run while Rooney just can't stop his habit of sniffing and getting on top of me.
The only best photo we could take.
We celebrated Rooney's birthday too. See.. they have to hold him so tight so that he won't pounce on the cake. That was a big cheese cake.. Yummy yummy..Yummy, yummy, yummmmmmmm

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Any advice?

Hey pals out there.. What would you advice me to do when they started to...
...dig my bowl...
...trying to escape with my toy...
...wrestling in my bed...
I did tried to discuss... but...

..but... they ended up falling asleep in my bed when mom and I busy discussing about the solution...

What would you do if you were me?

Monday, October 1, 2007

2 tags at a time

Since I got tagged at the same time with 2 different tags, I gonna do it both in a post. The Five Happy Hounds tagged me for 5 big things I loved about DWB!!! Here they are:

1) FRIENDS!!!! ~ I got to know many many friends in my country and also all over the world. From Malaysia to Singapore, from US to Mexico, wow... and lots and lots.. making new friends is just the bestest thing to do!!!
2) EXCHANGING EXPERIENCES!! ~ Exchanging experiences and learn how to destroy things.. Exchanging ways of taking goodcare of ourselves..
3) EXPANDING KNOWLEDGE!!! ~ Learn alot what is other countries culture. Their food, their life, their dos and don't.. This is real fun..
4) CARING AND SHARING!!! ~ Learn to care when pals are sick or unhappy, learn how could make ouselves feel better when I myself got sick. And also shared out what I know!!!
5) FAMILY!!! ~ DWB do make me feel like I had another family other than my own here.. There's a big big big family in DWB where love, friendliness, warm and touching feelings always spread in the air..

Another tag to go is by Asta .. She tagged me to show and tell about my 1st day with mommy. Mom didn't take much photo on my 1st day coz she is way too much busy and panic about my arrival. Mom adopted me from Aunty Jess's (mom's friend) friend. My ex-owner claimed that he is going to other country for his studies, so he had to give me up. But mom always suspect that he is cheating Aunty Jess and mom.. Coz once I reached Aunty Jess, the vet checked me and confirmed that I have PARVO VIRUS!!!! Mom spent so much to heal me, gave me the best food and medicine. After the healings, I was soooooooooooooooo skinny.. Only 3kg.. Now, the latest weight I got last weekend when I went for my annual booster, 4.65kg!!! I was 8 months old when mom wanted to adopt me, but I reached mom when I was almost 9 months old as the medication and in and out of the hospital took us almost 1 month to made me completely healed..

See... How thin and tiny am I? Look at my face is enough..

On the very first day when I reached mom, mom still would have to work, so she got no choice but to crate me up and bring me to the toilet from time to time. On that night, mom talked to me and introduced me every corner of the house. I actually don't understand what she's talking about as I haven't learn her language. She gave me a real nice canned food, gaved me a nice warm bed. I shiveres alot that night, so mom quickly put me on with a cloth. And I stopped shivered right after that. I slept most of the time that week, as I haven't get used to the cool weather here. The weather and the weather where I stay with my ex-owner is a bit difference.. Here is way more colder especially at nights. Mom woke up many times on the 1st night. But mind you, not bcoz of my whine, coz I kept so quiet and slept so soundly, that mom started a bit worried. Coz she expect me to whine.. silly mom!!!