Friday, February 17, 2012


RIP to both my sistas... they went off soooooo suddenly the other night.. the night after Valentine's Day..
Mom could only suspect food poisoning since both went off the same time.. but still weird,.. because they have been having the same fruits and veges for the pass few days.. :(
Mom was still crying for the 2nd night.. She couldn't bare see'ing their stuffs.. Mom even sent off their cage the very next day.
I saw mom's tears all the time.. and all I could do is staying next to her and having my head stick to her face every night on bed..
Mom feels that I know what is going on as I keep following mom alot these 2 days and keep staring at the empty corner where Lady n Dumbo's cage was.
Mom.. I knew they have gone.. mom.. we need to be strong to go thru.. Both sistas would be gliding happily in the Rainbow Bridge..