Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Trip

For all pals information, my rashes has been gone most of it. Only there's still one big one under my armpit where the most rashes appeared. I got a nice weekend meal with lots of PROTEIN of course!!! Thanks for everyone's concern!!!! For the time being, mom dare not to let me go naked. I have to be in my shirts all the time. This is to prevent me from scratching directly on the rash. Mom scared I would hurt myself and lead to non stop bleeding.
I had a quite wonderful weekend. Mom said she would cancel all the plans but after seeing I'm quite recovering, she changed her mind. She brought me to those vegetables and flowers farms. She had to carry me all the way and this make her hand quite tired. She won't dare to let me down to walk bcoz she scared those branches or grass or whatever would hurt my rashes.
On Saturday evening, we went to Gunung Brinchang. The highest spot in Cameron Highlands.

Nothing there but just nice and beautiful scenery.
Look...The beautiful sunset...Wow...The photo is quite dark. Sorry. Mom hasn't got herself a nice camera. She took all these with her handphone only.

Hey, little hooman, mom put me up here first and this is my place. Don't try to come and conquer mine, ok? But you won't be able to come up, this place is quite high for your height. Hehehe..

So, you did it with your papa's help. Ok ok. Since you don't harm me, you can take half my place.

We stayed overnight at uncle Ken's place. See..I had to be in the playpen full of newspaper. Bcoz I don't know which is the toilet for my biz. So I had to be in this. Oh no....Where's my big big bed?

Early Sunday morning I had my breakfast at home before we head out for mom's and family's breakfast. We went to the UNCLE CHOW'S KOPITIAM. I got lots of compliments from uncle Chow and his wife. He said I was just too cute and well behaved!!! Hahaha!!
At UNCLE CHOW'S KOPITIAM. See how wellbehaved I am? I never bark for food. I never bark at people approaching me. I wagged my tail and befriend with them.

A beautiful sight of Cameron Highlands' farms.

Aunty Elsa, mom and I in one of the vegetables farm. A farm planting brinjals. I wonder what it taste.
Look at these beautiful flowers in the flower farm.

The yellow crysanthemum...
Mom and I in the flower farm.
We went back home after that and mom clean me up and changed my clothes. She let me into my bed and I fell asleep in less then a minute. I was really tired and so do mom. Mom went for her bath after settled me down. I snuggled into her bed in this time. This bed is much comfortable. Sorry this photo is a bit dark. Mom didn't switch on the light to take this photo. She saw me sleep so soundly and don't wanna make me awake.

Friday, April 27, 2007

After Visiting the Vet

I'm developing more and more is so scared, so Uncle Ken drove me to the vet since mom couldn't leave her work. Mom called the vet after we returned home b'coz uncle Ken don't really understand what the vet is meaning about my rashes. The vet said there are 2 reasons why I'm getting all these. I might accidentally consumed rat poison (those poison to kill rats)..Or I might have lack of vitamin K. Mom was shock and said that we don't have rats at home, so it is impossible for me to consume the poison. But the vet said, I might have consumed it thru other small animals, example, I might bite a cockroache which had consumed the poison. So, that's the reason, b'coz I love to crunch cockroaches once I got one!!!!
As for the rashes, it is actually internal bleeding under my skin. So, the vet told mom to be very becareful of me not to get hurt for this time being, b'coz once got hurt, I might turn to non stop bleeding!!!
The vet gave me 3 packets of pills for one week. I should finish this and see the result later. The vet also told mom to give me more protein food, b'coz I'm lacking of protein due to this matter. Yeah!!!!!! I could have eggs and chicken rather than plain kibbles...
We have to say thank you to all pals here who have been so concern..Thank you so much...

more and more rashes all over my body....

My fun day would have to be cancelled

Mom planned to bring me to the big field for my run this weekend b'coz she's not going back hometown this weekend. She had everything planned; bringing me for my big run; taking photos for this blog; playing with other stray doggies; planned to cook me a big big big macaroni meal...but.......Oh said everything has to be cancelled due to the rashes I'm having...Mom said I have to be extremely very very clean and becareful...nothing would be in my meal other then only and only my dry non stop pursuing me drink lots of water...Mom...pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...Going out to play won't bother anything bout those rashes...Oh no...doggie pals out there, anyone...please help me beg my mom.......

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Very Itchy!!!

Look what happened to my body? We don't know what made me this and I just can't stand the just discovered this late at this time..we couldn't get any vet or anyone to got very worried bout this..She wiped me all over my body with warm water and put on some tea tree cream on those infected areas...Hope this helps...If tomorrow nothing's getting better for me, mom would most probably drop me to the vet and for sure I know, I'll get a big injection then..Oh no.....Hope everything will be okie tomorrow..

My lower right leg

My tummy

My lower left leg

the most serious part, on my upper leg (so called 'armpit)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My new friend!

Mommy got this freakie ( a puggy bank) from uncle Ken (mom's brother). Mom said she would use this to save money for my foods, my treats, my toys and my cloths. You know what, when they take this thing out, Scooby bark like no tomorrow. He barked his lungs out. I just bark once to warn this puggy bank not to come near and I ran a far to hide away from him.

mommy took quite some time to make me stay calm with this freakie beside me. Oh no, mom!!! he's getting nearer and nearer!!!! Get him away pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

I just went to sleep after my playtime and again mom tried to shot my photo again..Look how blur I am..

Mom..I really need to sleep please...I really just had a really tired weekend dealing with Scooby.

Ooopsss..I've forgotten to count my toys before I sleep. I must make sure mom didn't steal any from me.

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I got hurt..

I got hurt when mommy and I went back to hometown last weekend..Both mom and I don't really understand how I got hurt. Don't know whether I got hurt during our walk on Sunday morning or Scooby hurt me when he non-stop knocking me from afar again as usual. Mom got so sad although it is not a big injury, and keep on blaming herself for not keeping an eye on me during my playtime. Mom, no worry, I'm ok. I still as naughty as usual and this shows that I'm ok with it.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

mommy and family left Scooby and I at home last weekend and went to have a happy time at the Bukit Merah Laketown Resort..they have to leave us at home because it is doggie unfriendly there!!! Oh it is really unfair!!! but mom does show me lots of photos when she came back..

the orang utan babies which are only one months old!!! they wear diapers!!!!

the oldest orang utan there!! 25 years old!!!

a few months old orang utan showing frustration when the keeper there was playing with his sibling and not with him!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

A Story To Share

Hi read this story and would love to share with everyone here..a touching story though....

A DOG'S LOVE by Kelly Munjoy
After 2 months of my puppy playing tug-of-war with me, one day he just stopped. No matter how much I dangled the rope in front of Rusty, he would not pull on it. The most he would do was take it and chew on it, but the second my hand touched the rope, he would drop it.
Several days later he began to lay his head on my stomach when I sat on the couch. This was cute until he began to growl at my husband or daughter when they approached me. It was irritating, but didn't seem too serious until he actually nipped my daughter for jumping on me. After that, my husband and I decided that we needed to find Rusty a new home, probably one without any children. We thought it was very odd because he had been so very friendly and good with our daughter up until that incident.
Weeks later when we had finally settled on a new home for our puppy, I discovered I was pregnant. My husband and I felt that Rusty had somehow sensed that I was pregnant before we did and, with his odd behaviour, was only trying to protect the baby growing inside me. I was the happiest I had been in weeks. We called the people we had found to give Rusty a new home and told them we had changed our minds.
Later that day I called our veterinarian's office and told them what had been happening. Apparently, this is normal for dogs who have developed a strong attachment to females. They suggested that my husband and daughter approach me at a slower pace an try to be gentler when they touched me.
We tried this, and after a week or so, Rusty began to ease up and let them sit by me. He continued to rest his head on my stomach and acted protectively when he felt I was threathened. As time went by he began to bark at me if I lifted anything heavier than clothes or if I started to clean the house. By the time I was three months pregnant, he even pulled on my pant leg if I was on my feet for too long. As soon as I sat down, Rusty would let go and lie at my feet or next to me with his head on my stomach. He often fell asleep this way and would wake up if I moved. Until that time I had no idea that dogs could be so protective or so sensitive to their humans' needs.
When I reached the four-month point in my pregnancy, Rusty's behaviour toward me changed abruptly. One night, I was sitting on the couch watching TV when he got up on the couch and laid his head on my stomach. Nothing unusual about that - until he jumped back up and started barking, looking directly at my stomach. My husband and I were baffled.
After that Rusty would not go anywhere near my stomach. He let me pet him for few minutes but no more. He no longer seemed comfortable around me for any length of time. I grew increasingly nervous as the days passed. I just knew that Rusty was trying to tell me something. My husband insisted I was being silly because I was not having any problems with my pregnancy and there were no signs to indicate that anything was wrong.
A week later I went to an appointment with my doctor and discovered that the baby's heart had stopped beating.
It was what Rusty had been trying to tell me.
I was crushed, left to wait out the miscarriage I would soon have. After returning home from the doctor's, I oculd tell that Rusty sensed how upset I was, but he still kept his distance. It was the same wary distance he had kept for the last week.
My husband was still at work and my daughter at school. Miserable, I sat down on the couch and began to cry. Rusty slowly inched closer and closer to me. Finally. he jumped on the couch. I could tell that he was tense. He sat stiffly, making sure to stay away from my stomach. As eyes full of concern. Then slowly, he leaned over and I felt his tongue on my face, licking away the tears that rolled down my cheek. This released a fresh flood of tears. I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him tightly. He stayed close, licking me and letting me cry my heart out into his warm, furry neck. His body slowly relaxed and soon I felt better, soothed by his loving presence.
It took me two weeks to miscarry. The whole time Rusty would not leave my side. He followed me wherever I went. If I sat on the couch, he was right there next to me, doing all he could to comfort me. Whatever deep natural instinct had kept him away from me had been overridden by his care and concern for me. I was so grateful. Rusty's love was the bright spot in that dark time in my life.