Saturday, March 22, 2008


Mom brought back a MONSTER!! It shouts at me!!!! I don't know what is this and I don't understand why the meanie woman wanna let me have this!! This is crazy!!

And one more news.. I see that Mr. SeaHorsy is not feeling well. I asked mom to bring him to the vet but mom just ignore me.. I'm checking him every now and then to make sure he is ok.Let us just pray for him to get well soon.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Mom often get vegetables from her customers as most of her customers here are farmers. Normally mom would just put it on the kitchen floor and would only pack it in fridge at night after she close her shop. And as usual, I'll go and check them and sniff them and leave them alone after 'checking' them.

This time, mom got some tomatoes from her customers. She leave it on the kitchen floor as usual and continue to busy with her business.

Mom peeped at me as she heard no sound from me. I was sitting on the kitchen floor playing with a tomato!!!

Mom commmanded me to get away and she picked up the tomato. See this tomato below... hehehe

Only now mom realised that I like to eat tomato. I heard mom asking around friends, "Could my dog eat up a whole tomato once a while as treat? Will this lead him to diarrhea?"

If I could, mom said she would treat it as my breakfast once a while IF I behave well!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to mommy!!!

Today is mom's birthday! She's getting older! Muahahahaha... We celebrated it at home!!! Look at the cake!! Cheesecake!!!! yummy yummy!!! Of course I had my share on this too!!

My beloved mommy!!! I love you!!!