Tuesday, February 27, 2007

mommy and i in our cameron house...mommy pretty huh? me more handsome la!!! look at me!! i'm the main topic here!!!
i love my mommy alot, she sayang me so much..if i could talk, i'm sure mom would buy me anything i want just provided if her wallet is not empty. mommy always tell me that i've brought so much of laughter and happiness into her life. she never give me up even i was been striked by parvo virus before i reached her. she said this is the miracle of love. mommy bought me lots n lots n lots of stuffs...toys..treats..n much more on clothings..b'coz she always know i scared of cold and she wants me to look really smart. she just can't control herself everytime she started to do doggie shopping for me. i always love her to go doggie shopping alone. b'coz if she go alone, she'll ended up buying soooooooooo many things for me. if she go with someone, that someone would always hold her and control her!!!


*Sasha* said...

hi goofy,
yes totally agree with you..u hv a very pretty mom n u definitely look handsome too :)

Goofy said...

of course i'm handsome!! hehehe!!! and u too pretty ler...mommy too always tell me sasha got a lovely mommy..and always said ur mommy looks much more younger than her age..and would always wanted to be like ur mom too...looks younger than actual age!! :P