Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mommy just can't wait to make me a blog as she saw many blogs of her forum mates posting for their fur baby. Mom said those blogs are so nice and mom wanna create one for me as soon as she take many more nice photos of me. But now before mom could take my photos, she has already can't wait and said she wanna create my blog with those non-ready taken photos first, and she would continue uploading more after she take more of my photos. But mom, don't you know I hate cameras so much? I'm too shy for this..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee stop holding those cameras in front of me.

This is the photo mom took when I 1st reached mom's working place in Cameron Highlands..Really cold here...


mamadog said...

Hi, Goofy
You look like me, Brownie a
. But I am without a tail naturally.
My Daddy N Mommy also love me like crazy.

Goofy said...

oh really? do u have a blog too? my mommy love me like crazy too!!!