Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Trip

For all pals information, my rashes has been gone most of it. Only there's still one big one under my armpit where the most rashes appeared. I got a nice weekend meal with lots of PROTEIN of course!!! Thanks for everyone's concern!!!! For the time being, mom dare not to let me go naked. I have to be in my shirts all the time. This is to prevent me from scratching directly on the rash. Mom scared I would hurt myself and lead to non stop bleeding.
I had a quite wonderful weekend. Mom said she would cancel all the plans but after seeing I'm quite recovering, she changed her mind. She brought me to those vegetables and flowers farms. She had to carry me all the way and this make her hand quite tired. She won't dare to let me down to walk bcoz she scared those branches or grass or whatever would hurt my rashes.
On Saturday evening, we went to Gunung Brinchang. The highest spot in Cameron Highlands.

Nothing there but just nice and beautiful scenery.
Look...The beautiful sunset...Wow...The photo is quite dark. Sorry. Mom hasn't got herself a nice camera. She took all these with her handphone only.

Hey, little hooman, mom put me up here first and this is my place. Don't try to come and conquer mine, ok? But you won't be able to come up, this place is quite high for your height. Hehehe..

So, you did it with your papa's help. Ok ok. Since you don't harm me, you can take half my place.

We stayed overnight at uncle Ken's place. See..I had to be in the playpen full of newspaper. Bcoz I don't know which is the toilet for my biz. So I had to be in this. Oh no....Where's my big big bed?

Early Sunday morning I had my breakfast at home before we head out for mom's and family's breakfast. We went to the UNCLE CHOW'S KOPITIAM. I got lots of compliments from uncle Chow and his wife. He said I was just too cute and well behaved!!! Hahaha!!
At UNCLE CHOW'S KOPITIAM. See how wellbehaved I am? I never bark for food. I never bark at people approaching me. I wagged my tail and befriend with them.

A beautiful sight of Cameron Highlands' farms.

Aunty Elsa, mom and I in one of the vegetables farm. A farm planting brinjals. I wonder what it taste.
Look at these beautiful flowers in the flower farm.

The yellow crysanthemum...
Mom and I in the flower farm.
We went back home after that and mom clean me up and changed my clothes. She let me into my bed and I fell asleep in less then a minute. I was really tired and so do mom. Mom went for her bath after settled me down. I snuggled into her bed in this time. This bed is much comfortable. Sorry this photo is a bit dark. Mom didn't switch on the light to take this photo. She saw me sleep so soundly and don't wanna make me awake.


Amber-Mae said...

Looked like you had a great time during your trip! Haha, why your mommy dress you up till so thick? Haha!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Goofy said...

We got sooooooo cold here in Cameron Highlands early in that morning. Somemore raining. At first mom didn't put the jacket on, but I got shiver and shiver and shiver, so mom put it on me, and I stop shivering immediately..Hehehe..

Billy said...

So glad you are feeling better Goofy and you were able to go on the trip with your mom!! The pictures are wonderful, the camera phone takes really great pictures, I'm impressed. You have beautiful countryside there and love all the flowers...we have none so far, our weather hasn't been the best and this is suppose to be our spring! So much for that. Mom thinks you are so adorable, she wants to squeeze you to death:)

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Goofy said...

Ohhh...Billy, Thanks so much for your compliments. I felt sooo proud that you said I'm sooo adorable that your mommy wanna squeeze me so much. Bcoz my look is always not that squeezable and adorable as you said when I come to those hoomans...They always said I'm rough look..They scared I might bite...Ohhhhhh no.....I'm not...I'm sooooooooo gentle..

Billy said...

Well little one, they don't know the real you then! You do look so gentle, it would be so great to meet you in person:)

Mom always wanted a chihuahua but she wanted a rescued one and she couldn't find one when she was looking. I'm sorry that she didn't but then again, she found me though:)

BIG hugs little friend:)

Amber said...

You're so lucky, Goofy! I bet you had so much fun! i want to travel with the hoomans too,sob* Nice clothes! Is that the sailor shirt with the red and white strips one? Vcuz I have one orange colour one. ^^

luv Amber!!

Goofy said...

Billy, you had a same mommy like mine too...She always wanted a chihuahua. But who knows, a mix chihuahua (me) melted her heart deeply!!! hehehe..I'm sure your mom is blessed too bcoz she owns a cute you!!
Amber, Oh yes oh yes!! That is the sailor shirt!! There is an anchor logo there, right? And I've bite it off on my second time of wearing!! Muahaha!!!

Balboa said...

I am soooo glad you're feeling better, you had us scared!

Looks like you had a great time, maybe my mommy should have gotten a dog like you and not my crazy adnormal little brother Santino.

Frenchie Kisses,

Marvin The Dog said...

Your pictures are wonderful Goofy! and so pleased you are feeling much better, love and licks from Highland Scot, Marvin the Braveheart Hound xxxxxxx

Peanut said...

So glad the rashes are doing better. Those clothes look great on you. Your weekend sounds like lots of fun.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Goofy,
We're so glad your rashes are healing for you. It's no fun being sick. Wow, your trip looks so wonderful in the pictures. Great scenery views! We're happy you got to go on your nice trip!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

*Sasha* said...

looked like u hv a great time there! and u look super cool in your 'winter clothes' :)