Friday, April 27, 2007

After Visiting the Vet

I'm developing more and more is so scared, so Uncle Ken drove me to the vet since mom couldn't leave her work. Mom called the vet after we returned home b'coz uncle Ken don't really understand what the vet is meaning about my rashes. The vet said there are 2 reasons why I'm getting all these. I might accidentally consumed rat poison (those poison to kill rats)..Or I might have lack of vitamin K. Mom was shock and said that we don't have rats at home, so it is impossible for me to consume the poison. But the vet said, I might have consumed it thru other small animals, example, I might bite a cockroache which had consumed the poison. So, that's the reason, b'coz I love to crunch cockroaches once I got one!!!!
As for the rashes, it is actually internal bleeding under my skin. So, the vet told mom to be very becareful of me not to get hurt for this time being, b'coz once got hurt, I might turn to non stop bleeding!!!
The vet gave me 3 packets of pills for one week. I should finish this and see the result later. The vet also told mom to give me more protein food, b'coz I'm lacking of protein due to this matter. Yeah!!!!!! I could have eggs and chicken rather than plain kibbles...
We have to say thank you to all pals here who have been so concern..Thank you so much...

more and more rashes all over my body....


Balboa said...

Oh no, you have to be real careful, this is so scarey. I hope mom gives you lots of protein so you can get better real fast.

We'll keep checking in to make sure you're doing better.

Frenchie kisses and get well wishes,

Billy said...

Little Goofy you be really careful not to get hurt and hopefully the medicine will work and clear all this up plus with eating more protein this should help too. I'm sorry that you aren't feeling very well little one.

We will keep checking on your progress little one and we hope for a speedy recovery.

BIG hugs from Billy Boo (and mom):)

Peanut said...

Goofy, Quit eating those cockroaches they are bad for you. I hope the medicine helps. Chicken and eggs are really really good so enjoy them.

Goofy said...

Thanks for everyone's concern. So far I'm doing well with the medicine. Those red spots getting less but in very slow time. Mom only see a little of reducing of those rashes. But this seems that I'm recovering.
I'll update my recovering progress and really thanks for everyone's very kind concern. Really happy to know you all!!!

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Goofy,
Please keep us posted on your progress. Eat lots of eggs, they are yummy! Hope the medicine helps you recover quickly.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

e said...

oh no Goofy
I'm worried about you. Will you be okay?