Monday, June 11, 2007


After wishing Simba to recover soon, my turn again..Oh no.. What happened to us? It was just like any other weekend. Mom and I returned to hometown. Normal like playing and chasing like crazy with Scooby.
I should mark this up!! I've been here. This is my place!!

Hey Scooby, I came here earlier than you, you chouldn't be here. Ok, you can have this BUT, share me your food!!!!

Then things changed on Sunday night. I felt uneasy. Sitting right there even everyone is having real nice food. I didn't beg for any and I didn't chase anymore. All in a sudden, I felt something wanna come our from my mouth. I jumped up from mom's lap and felt uneasy, and I seems choked, and then, something came out of my mouth. Something yellowish. Some liquid. All the hooman family members started to get panic. Mom got so panic and kept on patting my back. I'm real scared at this time. I've made a mess, I might have a whack on by butt, but no, mom didn't whack and she's seems busy cleaning up. After around half and hour of resting again on the floor, I vomitted again. A little puddle of light greenish liquid this time. Mom was so panic again. I, too got panicked, and sneak to another corner where Uncle Ken is sitting, and out AGAIN a real big puddle of things came out form my mouth. Uncle Ken yelled to mom. This is the biggest puddle. Mom got so scared and so do I. I sneaked to the kitchen and POOPED in the kitchen. Uncle WeiMin yelled for mom. I've again made up a big big huge mess. This time mom must have been going to give me a real nice whack on my butt butt. But it was real unusual. Mom didn't whacked me, she hold me so deep in her hug and keep on asking, "Are you OK, dear?" Mom then held me to Auntie Elsa, asking her to keep an eye on me while mom clean up all the mess. Every hooman in this house now started to discussed what is happening on me. Scooby make himself busy following mom wherever mom is cleaning. He seems wanted to help but no way, Scooby, what you can do with that mop??? Auntie Elsa told mom that I'm shivering. She quickly got me a shirt and put me on. After mom has done with all those mess, mom came to me and hold me. Mom keep on soothing my back and my chest. Then mom got me the vomit pill. Everything started to cool down and mom is watching TV with me sleeping on her lap. I knew she is in real deep worry bout me.

This morning, when we come back up to Cameron Highlands, I was all in moody mood. Mom gave me my breakfast and I finished it up. After that, I fell asleep. I slept the whole day. Up for my pee and poo and returned to bed and again into my dreams. She was busy with her business out there, but still she came in and checked me from time to time. Everytime she came in, she would wake me up and I'll just open my eyes for 3 to 4 seconds, and off to my dreams again. Mom is in deep worried. She called up the vet. Guess what the vet said? "Oh, don't worry, Goofy is ok. It is normal for a doggie to vomit from time to time, say, once a month or two. They might vomit due to lots of their fur INSIDE their stomach. They got fur in their stomach through their habit of biting on itchiness or licking their body. This is real normal. As long as he didn't vomitted a lot and he lost his appetite. Goofy got moody is all because the vomit pill you gave him last night. This would only last one day, and he'll be ok. Don't worry. He is ok!"
Oh..Mom got a real big relieve after hearing what the vet has said. After mom has finish her job. Mom gave me my dinner, and again I ate all up and now I'm resting on mom's lap to post all these for you pals.
As for the rashes I got last week. They have all gone. I'm on the MultiVit now and I'm ok now!!! Thanks for all the nice concern and wishes you pals have sent.


Lorenza said...

Hi, Goofy.
I am sad that you had to go through that vomiting thing.
I hope you are feeling better now.
Have a nice day

Billy said...

Oh little Goofy,

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. I think it's the heat because I've been eating a lot of grass lately which makes me sick to my stomach. Mom always worries but that is okay to worry, it means that they love us so much.

I'm glad your rash is gone again! I hope you are back to 100% normal little one:)

We love you xoxox

BIG hugs from Billy Boo and mom:)

Peanut said...

Poor Goofy I am sorry about the vomiting. I sometimes do the yellow stuff when I haven't had enough to eat. Our fat cat does the vomiting because of the hair in his belly. He sometimes throws up huge chunks of hair though.

FleasGang said...

Poor little fella. We hope you get your rest and relaxation and are back to your normal self soon :-)

The FleasGang

Asta said...

Oh Goofy you scawed me..thank dog you're all wight. I vomited today too, but then ate my food an hour later, so I guess something just tickled my insides and it wanted to come out. Get some good west, hope Simba is OK too
smoochie kisses

Boo said...

oh goofy, sorry to hear about you being sick sick. i do eat fur fur sometime (including the hooman's fur fur too). but i will normally poop it out. like the other day, mom told me i pooped hair! ewwwwwwwwwwww! but i don't vomit it out.

i hope you feel better now or your mom should really send you to the vet.

btw goofy, where do you get the vomit pil? can i just get it from my vet? even tho i don't vomit all the time but i do like to keep it just in case!

wet wet licks


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh dear Goofy. I hope you're feeling better now. It must be very scary for your humans to see you sick like that.
Please take care..

~ girl girl

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Goofy! What is wrong? :(( Little guy! We hope that you are ok now.
Kisses and hugs from us!

Ben_Benjamin said...

Poor Goofy, I will vomit & poopoo when Im not feeling well. I hate it so much and I have to take those vomit pil too. Yuck!!

I hope you get well soon and I hope my little suprise will make you feel better ya.

Slurp~slurp licks

Simba said...

So glad you are ok. The best bit about been unwell is you don't get told off for anything. You just get cuddles and ohhhhh hows Mummys baby? Have a hug from me ((()))

Simba xx

Amber-Mae said...

Oh my Goofy, what's wrong? You sick again??? Could it be gastric liquid or something? Did you eat or drink before you vomited? If no, it just could be gastric liquid coz gastric liquid is usually yellowish to greenish in color & it's slimy... Please ask your mama to bring you tot he vet & hope you'll be fine soon. I'll pray for you Goofy my friend.

Hugs & love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Marvin The Dog said...

poor wee Goofy! I hope you feeling a bit better now. I was bad like you a few months ago, and it was just awful. I slept a great deal too, and was sick and poohed everywhere.....but I had an injection in my bum, and it went away.

Not my bum, my sickness!

Hope you get better and back to normal real soooon, love and healing licks, Marvin xxxxx

Balboa said...

Oh no, Goofy, you poor thing. I'm so glad your mommy hugged you and took care of you, she is a nice mommy.

My mommy gets really nervous when I get sick too. That means that mommy's LOVE US!

Frenchie Snorts and get well thoughts

Toby said...

Hi Goofy,

So sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. I know its no fun being sick. I hope you get better really really quick!


ROSSI said...

Hello little Goofy,

Really scared me hearing you sick again.. hope everything is fine now.. be strong and dun let your mummy worry for you again...

*Sasha* said...

oh goofy,
it hurts to know that you are not feeling well...but you are one real good guy! finish up all the food eventhough you are not feeling well. GOOD!
so are you up and running again today?

Bella said...

Poor little Goofy - sending some chicken soup your way - I hope you are much better now - it's no fun eing sick.
Take care Wuffs

Butchy & Snickers said...

Poor Goofy,
We're sorry you have such a sick tummy. Snickers got sick too the other day cause she ate some dried up tree leaves. Mama told her she would get sick & she did. Did you eat anything different? Could be just upset tummy. Have your Mama feed you boiled chicken & some rice. It will help settle your tummy.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers