Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mom taking over

Tagged by Balboa and family, to let mom take over a post over here telling pals about my hooman family.

Ok, Lily here...Goofy is my 1st doggie in my life. Although my family had Scooby before Goofy. I had much arguement with my family when I got Goofy back. My parents were doubting that I couldn't take good care of Goofy since I stay by myself in another state for our family business. But it doesn't take long time for them to accept it.
Facts bout me
# Am a happy person.
# I stay by myself with Goofy in another state from my hometown because of my family business.
# Our family are running telecommunication businesses. Which means selling mobile phones, phone cards, mobile accessories. I'm running one of the 4 branches.

Things I love
# Laugh!!!!
# Coffee!!! A nice cup of coffee would lighten up my day!!
# Cooking.. I love to cook so much.... Love to try out new recipes every now and then.
# Surfing on the web.. Surf bout dogs most of the time.
# Playing with Goofy...
# Having Goofy on my lap on my couch watching TV...
# Window shopping...
# Having a nice sip of chinese tea.
# Getting more and more toys and clothes for Goofy.

Things I hate
# People teasing me for spoiling Goofy...
# Devils abusing or hurting animals or even to human...
# People giving empty promises...

Ok now... we wanna tag the following families..... Billy, Boo, Girl Girl, Rossi, Ben Ben


Boo said...

chiyo's HM actually tagged my mom to play the facts game but she was thinking to do something like this too since everybody is doing it. (well, i told chiyo she doesn't need to butter up my mom coz i'm her's anyway but still...)

am sending your package out today. hopefully reach you next tuesday.

wet wet licks


Amber-Mae said...

Hi Lily, thanks for sharing those infos about you. I HATE devils hurting animals or hoomans too... I wish I can help those poor innocent souls but just one of me, it's not good enuf. I need a colony of doggie friends, cats, reptiles & others to help attack those meanie devils. Hehehe!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Simba said...

Who cares if people tease your Mummy about spoiling you. They are just jealous because they don't have a little fluffy person to love.

Simba x

Maggie said...

awwwwwwwwww you have a really sweet mom Goofy! You're very lucky to have her and she's lucky to have you too!

Love ya lots,

Balboa said...

OH, Your mom is so pretty Goofy. I love that first pic, you look so happy with your mommy.

Mommy says she loves buying me stuff too, it makes her happier than when she buys stuff for herself.

Is that your greenhouse? So many plants and flowers - oh how pretty and the smells must be wonderful.....

Frenchie Snorts and sniffs

Michele, Ruby's Mom said...

Hi Lily...
So nice to hear all about you. Look's like you are doing a great job taking care of Goofy. You both seem so happy!

Oh and I get teased all the time about Ruby's blog too...until they read it, then they think it is cool.

Stay Happy! Michele

Kay said...

Wow... interesting... to learn about the pup mom....hehehe.

Peanut said...

We think your great because you love goofy so much. and we hate people who hurt animals also.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Lily.
Thanks for sharing with us all those things about you.
Some people is envy because our moms spoil us.
My mom almost never buys things for her, she is always looking for something to give it to me!
Kisses for you and Goofy

Toby said...

Hi Lily!~ Thanks for sharing. I agree with you. Those who abuse animals are devils!!!

PS: I LOVE coffee too!!!

Toby's Mommy

Amber said...

Hi Goofy & Lily, your mom is great. My mommy likes to buy stuffs for me too and sometimes added up scolding. I bet your mom cook for you yummy food. MOmmy HATE ppl that abuse animals, they're devils!! >= (
Take care =)

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Goofy, your mum sounds like a very nice person. And she loves you alot. :) Will write about my human soon.. But she's so boring....

~ girl girl

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Very nice and interesting post!

ROSSI said...

good one!!... thanks for sharing.. yr mum n my mummy sure has some common there.. is it mean am still been tagged??...what to tell??

Golden Rossi

PreciOus said...

Hi Lily, you are great. I would lurve my sista to spoil me as much as you spoilt Goofy. Oh and there's nothing wrong in spoiling us. We deserve it for the unconditional love we give. *Hugz*


Marvin The Dog said...

oooooh we hate the devils too!

so many poor animals out there, with no one to look after them or love 'em.

love and licks, Marv xxxx

Bella said...

Such cute pictures of you and your mama together - so happy !!
Never mind others for teasing you for spoiling Goofyit makes you ahppy & Goofy happy - so its all good !

Billy said...

We will do it this week little Goofy:) Thank you:)

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:) xoxox