Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bored while mom busy

Mom is in superb busy these few days with her job. She work till late at night and sleep real late in the middle of the night. I wish I could help her out, so that she could play with me. I'm so bored without mom playing with me like normal days.

I'm just trying to get mom's attraction by getting ready for a belly massage. Mom, I know you are busy, but just a little short massage, ok?

Oooppsss... Ok, mom, you caught me smuggle into your room again but, what to do? I'm too bored...

Please, please, pleeeeeeeease, mom.... Just get a little time for me... I'm begging you, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease..

Yeah.... You can see thru my eyes, I'm getting tired begging, I wanna sleep now..

Thanks for the blanket mom, I'll wait for you to finish your work, ok? Wake me up for a belly massage when you've done with your work, ok?

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Billy said...

Hi little Goofy!

Mom said she would LOVE to give you some belly rubs:) She's a pretty good expert now on giving them, she usually makes me fall asleep. My hooman brothers aren't around as they are away so it's just me and mom but with mom working this week, I'm really bored...wish we were closer, we could get together and play:)

BIG hugs and love from Billy Boo:) xoxox

Boo said...

hey goofy, i wish i could come and play with you. :(

haven't u receive my package oredi?? i've sent out last saturday with registered mail. the last time i sent something to ben ben in seremban, it only took 1 days to reach him. i wonder why it took so long this time.

wet wet licks


Lorenza said...

Hi, Goofy.
I understand you. Sometimes the same happens with my mom. She uses her computer for a lot of time and I always want to play with her! And I fell asleep waiting for her!
Have a nice day

Peanut said...

Ah you are cute waiting for your mom to give you belly rubs

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Goofy...
How could your Mom ignore that adorable face...even if she is busy she needs to stop and play even for a few mintues. It will be good for you AND her!

Hang in will get better I'm sure!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Ben_Benjamin said... are sooooooooooo funny Goofy but CUTE.

Yeah its Friday...but mom not coming back this week. *sign....& happy coz she's going Cameron & bring you back to me. Whahahaa

Ume said...

hi Goofy,
it's Fri, n weekend is juz around the corner! hopefully, your Mom would be able to give u belly massages all thru'out the weekend!

PreciOus said...

Poor Goofy, I'm sure your mom don't mean it. Sista was busy busy too the previous weeks. Now she's everyday home with me. Hee.


Balboa & Mommy said...

Mommy said she'd give you a belly rub too. Belly rubs are the best. Okay now I have to get a belly rub.

WHen my mommy is really busy I keep licking her leg or pushing a toy into her leg, eventually she stops what she's doing and focuse on me. You should try that.

Frenchie SNorts

Asta said...

Hi Goofy
Who could wesist that sweet face, those bootiful eyes, I bet you Mom would wather be home wubbing your tummy than at work
smoochie kisses

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hi Goofy
Hope you are well - sorry you were poorly a while back.

I find a good way to entertain yourself is go to sleep zzzzzzzz



Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Goofy,
You are so adorable begging for belly rubs! We love those too, hehehe. We're sure your Mama will give you tons of belly rubs when she has time. Sometimes work can be such a drag. Hope you have a great weekend & get lots of attention!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers
PS Thanks for checking out Mama's stuff. You can custom order anything you have an idea for, just email us & let us know what you are looking for ok??

Nanook and Pooka the Newfoundlands said...

Oh you look so sad Goofy! You should get belly rubs all day long...

Marvin The Dog said...

Hi there Little Goofy!

Thanks for stopping by. Just reading up on your news now1

love and licks, Marvin xxxx

Amber-Mae said...

Awww, you poor thing. Left at home all day ALONE! But at least your mommy allows you to sleep in her room, on the bed! So nice & comfy... Hehehe! By the way, I like that animated cartoon. So FUNNY!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Rodrigo said...

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Sir Chance-Lot said...

Awww Goofy~Did your mamma play with you today? I made you a pressie, to help you out of your boredom...stop by my page okay? And send me your email address

T-man said...

Goofy, you look so sad in those pictures. You should come over to my house, then we can snooze together while we wait for our moms to finish working. I have an extra snuggle ball too!

ToFFee said...

Hi Goofy!

I pawed by your bloggie!

I like tummy rubs also.. were you able to get one today?

my pawrents are also working so I really get anxious!


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hey Goofy, I hoped you got lots of belly rubs over the weekend. :)

~ girl girl

Isabella said...

You are just so cute! How could your mom look at your adorable face and deny you anything?
Big Wags,

Momo :) said...

Goofy.. your pictures are so cute! I know what you mean! My dad faces to his computer all day long so I already give up on him. My mom also spends a lot of time on her pc but she often give me tummy rub while keeping eye on her pc. :)

Momo xoxo

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Hi Goofy! Oh humans and their jobs! And you try so much to get their attention.. and nothing... I understand you little guy! But the weekends are the best!