Sunday, July 29, 2007

The diet doesn't work

Last day of medication..Still a bit of drowsy..
The menu that the vet gave doesn't work. The medicine has complete and my skin has no improvement. Mom called up the vet. Mom recall back the time when she adopt me. That time, mom fed me with Science Plan, and she remember that my skin doesn't flack like now. She changed my kibbles bcoz she heard that holistic kibbles are good for us, doggies. So she told this to the vet. The vet suggest that we should try back Science Plan. The vet said, "Yes that the holistic kibbles are better for furkids, but sometimes different kibbles work for different furkids. Take the Science Plan again for few months and see how is Goofy's skin and coat going on. If it works, that means Goofy is a very good dog since he don't want to burn your pocket with expensive holistic food."
So mom would be going to buy me back the Science Plan. I remember I love this kibbles too. If this doesn't go well too, the vet would have to get me another new menu again and doesn't know what would it be. But for sure it wouldn't be chicken and rice again since I'm not doing well with this. And it makes me go worse. Fur sheds patch by patch. Look at the photo below. This is one part that go worse.
Mom applied on some cream provided by the vet.
Anyway friends out there, thanks for all the well wishes. Have a nice weekend ahead!!!!!


ToFFee said...

Hi Goofy,

I pawed by your bloggie..

That's terrible news on your fur fur. I'm sure your mum is very devastated.

Better go for your old kibbles. My pawrents never changed mine because it is good for me stomach.. poops and all that.

Yeah, I heard that chicken is not that good for you contrary to what we see in cartoons. Pedigree had to haul back their kibbles when it was found out it creates skin problems due to the grinded bones.. I go for lamb but not pedigree.

Hope you'll be well soon.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your skin - it looks pretty sore :(

Has your mum tried feeding you kibble with a different protein base - like fish or duck? Sometimes this can help dogs with food allergies because they don't tend to eat a lot of these foods so don't generally have allergies to them. Might be something else to discuss with your vet maybe?

Amber-Mae said...

Hmmmm, you seem to be having hot spots too like my sista Chloe. I don;'t know why. I'm very sure it's not the diet cz she's eating a special dog brand food for these kind of problems for almost over 3mths now called Lamaderm. The doc eventually had to peel off the scalp(gosh it was painful! I could see her trying to struggle away while the vet pulled the skin off her) & then cleaned it, shaved it & applied some cream. Now her skin's healed but still scratch-biting that part. Now just have to wait for her hair to grow back.

By the way, have you heard about dear Oscar? He left us today... I'm sooo very sad!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Balboa & Mommy said...

oh no Goofy, please feel better.

we'll keep checking in to see how you are doing.

Frenchie Get Well Kisses

Maggie said...

Your skin looks so sore Goofy. I hope the new food helps!

Love ya lots,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Goofy.
i really hope you are not in pain!
We were hoping your diet would help you but looks like it did not!
Hope the kibbles you had before will help!
Take care

Peanut said...

Hopefully the old kibble will help. That sore looks like it hurts

PreciOus said...

Oh no, is it because you are allergy to chicken? Perhaps you might want to follow River's suggestion in getting other protein base kibbles like fish? Nonetheless, I hope Science Plan will work well on you.


Christaligia said...

Hi Goofy,

Awwwwww I'm so sorry that the new diet isn't working :-( I think you should try your old kibbles too. Maybe that's best for you. I'm still really little and still eat puppy kibbles. I eat Medi-Cal Development Formula. I think small doggies can eat this too, not just for puppies. Mom gets my food at my Vet.

I hope you feel better soon.

Kay & Pearly said...

I don't trust vet 100% when it comes to Pearly. Even if they give me a prescription, if I think it's not alright, I'm not going to go along with it. One time Pearly had allergy and the vet told me to feed her science diet or something like that and I didn't. It's a crappy brand of dog food. I find some vet would suggest certain dog food brand or items ...just to sell them.

Some say skin problem might be due to what our dog is eating. But if anything you can get blood work done to see what is causing the skin problem. Other then that I would go with holistic brand or simply cook. But there are herbal stuff that can help relieve the skin problem.

I hope your skin problem will go away!

ROSSI said...

Hi Goofy..

I think u should ask for a second opinion?.. Since the current vet doesn't help much... furthermore, i understand that taking too much of antibiotics n pills will never really help much..

Am trying new food too.. cause i've been having skin problems n my tummy gives problem too.. been vomiting for last 2 days.. am ok now.. mom is trying to give me raw diet (slow) since yesterday... and am improving in terms of my appetite.. anyway, will see how's going..

Good luck to u.. and do let us know if u need any help..

Golden Rossi

Bella said...

Hi Goofy,
I hope going back to the old kibbles works and that you get much better real soon.

Snoopygirl said...

Hey goofy,

Hope that you'll get well soon. My skin ain't that great either.

Humans are feeding me nasty garlic pills everyday to boost my immune system and make my fur coat nice.

I'm also having some issue with having too much meat, which cause me to itch all over.

Meanwhile... Licks!!

Get well soon!

FleasGang said...

Aw Goofy. That sure looks like it's uncomfortable. Hope you and your mama can get the food worked out soon.

The FleasGang

Katherine and Pippa, said...
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Katherine and Pippa, said...

Katherine and Pippa, dijo...
Kay and pearly have some sensible words there.

Sounds like you have very sensitive skin and it is rejecting something in the commercial diets.

Maybe best to try some home cooked - or raw - food, whatever it is.

Maybe head to the bone zone to ask more advice - there are lots of helpful people and dogs on there.

Kate and Pippa

July 31, 2007 5:08 AM

(spelling errors before!!)

Pacco de Mongrel said...

did ur vet suggest u to eat home-cook food??

coz last time my pal had a serious skin problem...far much worst than yours....d vet juz ask his owner to stop feeding commercial food n try feeding hij cooked pork wit potatoes...n his skin really heal back in a short time...

n then after a few months, his owner try feeding him commercial food again....n nothing happen till now...