Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mom was sick

Mom got sick for nearly 1 whole week. She started to get a bit of soar throat on last Tuesday and fever started in the night. Flu and cough came to attack and mom got really sick. Her fever never run down for 4 days!!! Now, today, mom started to get better, just a bit of flu and cough remaining.
Mom is so sick but she still brought me to the vet for my skin checkup on Sunday. The vet gave us medicated shampoo this time. Mom bath me once after returning home. Haven't see any recovery but hope will do later more.
Mom keep telling everyone that I've been a very very good boy during her sick days. Normally I would love to attack mom with my toys to make mom play with me. But during her sick days, I just sat by her side and let her do her normal petting on my head and some belly rub. I didn't make any accident and I let mom do her things easy by not disturbing her.
What would your mommy or daddy do if they wanna do house chores? Would they lock you up in crate or what? Mom would put me high up on a chair so that I won't jump off and disturb her sweeping and mopping the floor. (Bcoz I love chasing mops!!!) Mom got sick till she forgotten to put me up on the chair last night when she wanna mop the floor. But guess what, I was being so good, that I jump up the couch once I saw mom bringing out the wet mop. And that I let her do everything and wait till the floor dry up, then only I jump down. Mom got so surprise for I'm being such a good boy yesterday. And mom decided to make me a good dinner tonight!!! Wow...I just can't wait...
Mom dropped her tears seeing that I more and more on 'reading her mind', she said. She said that I'm being very thoughtful and that I'm really a grown up!! Hehehehe


Amber-Mae said...

Og Goofy, so sorry to hear about you mom. I hope she will get well soon!

Lots of kisses & hugs from;
The Solid Gold Dancer to your mama & you

Billy said...

Oh little Goofy, you are such a good little furry friend. Your mom must be so proud of you for looking after her and being so good. We love you tons:)

I am glad your mom is feeling better, it's not fun being sick at all. Tell her to keep resting and not to do too much:)

BIG hugs from us little friend:)

Marvin The Dog said...

ooooh sorry Goofy, my Dad has not been well either so I have not been blogging much just lately.

Hope your Mama is better now!

love and many healing licks, Marvin from Scotland xxxx

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Goofy,
Sorry to hear your Mama has been so sick. That's no fun at all. We bet she was very miserable. Sounds like you were the best boy for her. Help her get her rest so she can recover completely.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

*Sasha* said...

sorry to hear that your mommy is sick...my mommy too....started off with sore throat, cough n then now flu...sigh.....blame the weather...

u r a very good boy! your mom must b very proud of you :)

errmm..normally when my mommy do house chores, we will juz sit and look...we won chase after the mop coz she will scold us if we do...

pssstt....juz a secret to share, although my mommy sayang us, she is kinda dictator too..so we don dare to disobey her n make her angry...if not it'l be a DISASTER!!! :P

Balboa said...

Oh no! I hope your mommy feels better soon.

Frenchie Kisses,